New Retail Trends for the Modern Customer: Salesforce Omni-Channel Solutions

Retail isn’t what it once was. Today’s customers don’t window shop as much as they use their browsers and mobile apps to shop. Easy, ubiquitous internet access via mobile smart devices allows shoppers the freedom to take control of their own shopping journeys. In fact, in developed markets, at least 70% of consumers are taking charge of how they become aware of products — usually, outside of direct retail marketing.

Sellers are no longer the most influential driving force in retail. The old process by which merchants would create a product, introduce that product to their target audience, and then attempt to generate interest in the product via advertisements and demonstrations is becoming obsolete. This journey was almost entirely directed by sellers.

However, things have changed. Modern customers don’t want to be sold to — they want to be engaged. They want to be able to do their own research. They want to have a voice in determining which products hit the shelves and which are shelved. They want freedom to buy exactly what they are looking for, regardless of what the stores might be carrying in stock.

In short, modern customers expect to hold the power in the buyer-business relationship, and new retail trends are giving it to them.

Marketing technology should meet customers more than halfway.

New retail technology, such as customer-facing innovations introduced by Amazon, are dominating retail industry news, to the point where it might be more accurate just to call it retail technology news. Retail trends are leading to technologies becoming ever more present in the stores themselves, and with this shift in in-store tech availability, ecommerce solutions are bringing digital connectivity to offline clients.   

Ecommerce offers a number of advantages over brick-and-mortar retail. It’s convenient, it’s cost-effective, and inventory isn’t limited by available showroom floor space. However, there is something about making purchases in person that continues to bring shoppers into physical retail locations. That’s not to say that today’s shoppers are tech illiterates. On the contrary, modern retail customers are using technology more than ever. Eighty percent of customers conduct online research before buying, but technology is capable of even more.

Consumer mobile tech apps and similar retail industry trends are taking advantage of location tracking to provide in-store clients with valuable offers and help in locating products. Virtual reality and augmented reality give shoppers the freedom to visualize products before purchasing them. Personalized recommendation technologies use customer data to accurately predict what buyers want. In short, retail marketing trends give customers the power to direct their own customer journey.

Reach customers where they are.

With so many new possibilities, it’s no surprise that customers recognize the value of in-store tech. What they might not be as conscious of is the value of online retail trends. Today’s retail clients don’t just access a store’s website. They create a unique, shifting customer journey across a variety of media. And delivering a consistent marketing message throughout that journey requires complex technology. It’s the goal of omni-channel marketing.

Whether clients research products across social media, product pages, or any other websites — using desktop, laptop, or mobile smart devices — omni-channel marketing ensures that a business’ branding and messaging stays consistent, and that customers are able to convert, regardless of the channel (or channels) they may be using.

The end result of this approach is that retail, both on- and offline, is improving. Consumers who use digital convert at a 20% higher rate than those who do not, and customers who use social media during the shopping journey are approximately four times as likely as nonusers to spend more on purchases. Of course, for businesses to take advantage of changes in retail market trends, they need to be able to rely on the right retail industry software solution.

Salesforce for Retail is the answer.

Retail trends come and go, but one constant is that retail will always be at the heart of everything businesses do. As such, choosing a retail software that focuses on the customer is a must. Salesforce, providers of the world’s #1 CRM platform, know how to put customers first, and the company has used that knowledge to construct a cloud-based solution that makes it possible for businesses to build positive customer experiences across every channel.

Salesforce for Retail makes shopping personal. Join customers on a one-to-one journey, collecting, analyzing, and integrating relevant data at every touchpoint, and personalizing interactions across all channels, including email, mobile, social, digital advertising, online, and in-store.

Seventy-nine percent of shoppers want personalized offers  based on their purchase history. Salesforce for Retail makes it easy to pair customers with the products and services that will keep them coming back. With special offers tailored to individuals, offered across mobile, social media, and more, Salesforce helps retail business show their clients just how important they are. And, with endless aisle functionality, not being able to find something on the shelf won’t have to mean the end of the sale.

Additionally, Salesforce for Retail gives employees the tools they need to be successful. With data-driven, real-time product insights, service representatives can establish rewarding customer relationships quickly. Likewise, advanced, built-in task management and training tools help ensure that employees are productive and effective — assisting shoppers and promoting company interests on all fronts.

Embrace the new retail.

The world of retail is changing. As customers become more tech savvy, businesses are finding that the customer journey is starting long before a shopper enters the store. Be a part of that journey with Salesforce retail solutions, personalized, omni-channel solutions can become a reality. Meet customers where they are, personalize their experience, and give them the freedom to command their own shopping journey.

Whether they’re window shopping or online browsing, modern customers expect a seamless, personalized experience. Give it to them, with Salesforce retail solutions.

Salesforce for Retail has the CRM solution you’ve been looking for.

Contact us to talk about the latest Salesforce retail solutions, and let us help you set up a strategy to connect with your customers like never before.