Innovate faster with intelligent automated processes.


Reduce costs and deliver more predictable revenue streams.



Drive Recurring Revenue

Build predictable revenue with the as-a-service (XaaS) model. Unlock innovation and improve efficiency by aligning teams and technology to your customer.

Reduce pipeline uncertainty with recurring revenue streams.

1. Attract and engage ideal customers.
Connect with high-value customers using strategic segmentation and predictive intelligence.

2. Streamline the sales process.

Improve sales productivity with automation and simplified pricing to meet customers’ needs.

3. Optimize the customer experience.

Maximize customer lifetime value with personalized, data-driven service in real-time.

Marketing Cloud builds trusted relationships at scale with multi-channel marketing automation, segmentation, and personalization.

Sales Cloud develops end-to-end opportunity management from eCommerce and basic CRM to quoting and billing.

Service Cloud drives retention and upsells with multi-channel support, 360- degree customer views, and personalized service offerings.

CRM Analytics helps your entire team find important answers and start making data-driven decisions.

"Having a single source of truth allows our employees, regardless of the function they perform, to have the knowledge and data they need at their fingertips."

Dan Torunian

Vice President, Employee Technology & Experiences, PayPal

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