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Salesforce Essentials helps you:

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  • Engage with customers on any channel
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To be a successful company, we needed a platform that offers more reporting and more insights as we try to scale. For us, that was Essentials.”

Bennett Bennet, Head of Customer Success & Support | Mashgin


Engage with customers on any channel — from anywhere.

  • Guided onboarding and setup
  • Automatically track emails & meetings
  • Manage leads, opportunities, & accounts
  • Create custom dashboards & reports
  • Support across email, phone, chat, & social channels
  • Save time with customer self-service

Pay monthly for $35 USD/user/month.

Or, pay annually for $25/USD/user/month.



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Customers matter. But spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes are a hard way to manage them. Customer relationship management (CRM) centralizes that data so you can manage sales processes, help customers faster, and market smarter.

One platform, big results.

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  • We’re the world's most trusted solution and #1 CRM according to IDC.
  • Our platform is scalable, customizable, and future-proof — with built-in AI and automatic upgrades.
  • Our technology provides enterprise-level security — so you're always ahead of the curve.
  • AppExchange offers thousands of plug-and-play apps from brands you already use — such as Dropbox, GetFeedback, and
 Mailchimp — to help your salespeople do more with less.

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