Team USA and Salesforce. Wowing athletes, fans, and customers alike.

Whether out on the snow or inside the rink, Team USA never fails to excite its fans. And now it’s teamed up with Salesforce and is using Customer 360 to dial up the wow.

Unite all your teams into one super team.

Customer 360 brings your sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT teams together with a single source of customer information, so your business can deliver the winning experiences that turn customers into diehard fans. And now it’s helping Team USA bring athletes and fans together to serve up thrills at the Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond.

No matter what size your business, whatever your industry, there’s a Customer 360 solution for you.


Every fan a VIP.

Salesforce Customer 360 helps Team USA better understand what sports and athletes fans are interested in, and the digital touchpoints they use. This means Team USA can offer up more relevant social media, events, retail opportunities, and more, in the places fans are most likely to find them. And that’s something to cheer for.
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