Anne Fitisemanu is a Trailblazer

Creating Opportunity for Indigenous Tech Professionals

Anne Fitisemanu is driven by a deep-rooted commitment to create opportunities and promote equality in the workplace and beyond. Her passion for helping others stems from her cultural background and personal experience with economic hardship. As the CEO of TupuToa, a workforce development partner teaching tech skills to indigenous people in New Zealand, Anne has dedicated her career to making a difference in the lives of the Māori and Pacific communities. She firmly believes that by breaking through their own ceilings and acquiring high-paying tech jobs, they can establish solid foundations for the next generation to build upon.

Embracing the Challenge: Leading TupuToa

When Anne was offered the opportunity to lead TupuToa, the organization heavily relied on spreadsheets and had data scattered across different departments. Initially used for tracking intern applications, Salesforce provided a solution to centralize and utilize data effectively. She saw an opportunity to optimize the business by implementing a digital transformation plan that streamlined data and processes, improving overall productivity by 92% in just one year.

When I was shoulder tapped to be the CEO for TupuToa, I thought, can I do this? And then I thought, well, why NOT me?

Anne Fitisemanu
CEO, TupuToa

Advocating Digital Skills for Empowerment

At the core of TupuToa's programs lies a strong emphasis on digital skills. Recognizing the underrepresentation of Māori and Pacific individuals in the corporate world, Anne actively promotes a culture of continuous learning among her team. She encourages them to learn the latest technical skills with Trailhead, Salesforce's free online learning platform, ensuring the organization operates efficiently to serve those they assist. Additionally, Anne encourages program participants to embrace digital technology through partnerships with Salesforce and other tech companies. Anne believes in the power of experiential learning, which aligns with the Māori and Pacific cultural approach. Tools like Trailhead and practical experience provide effective learning opportunities for the next generation, empowering them to pursue higher-paying jobs. 

Leading by Example

By building Salesforce-skilled talent, Anne and TupuToa contribute to the growth and diversity of the ecosystem. Embracing diversity and inclusion is a strategic necessity for businesses aiming to thrive in today's marketplace. TupuToa's graduates drive significant business impact with their expertise, but also by bringing diversity to the workforce. Their presence fosters innovation, enhances decision-making, deepens customer understanding, broadens the talent pool, and strengthens adaptability and resilience.

Anne actively fosters connections between her community and corporations. She envisions a future where equality and diversity prevail throughout New Zealand and beyond, ensuring the rise of the next generation of leaders.