Jennifer Cole is a Trailblazer

An Act of Kindness Leads to Growth

Jennifer Cole’s journey with Salesforce began 12 years ago when she graciously offered to assist a colleague who was overwhelmed with work. Little did she know that this act of kindness would lead her down a path that would define her career. Ultimately, it led Jen to become a Salesforce Administrator. A self proclaimed “puzzle kid", Jen has always had a natural curiosity for the way things work. With Salesforce, she found enjoyment in understanding the inner workings of the platform, which motivated her to find ways to increase efficiency. In an effort to continue her learning, Jen dove into Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, which helped her gain more expertise and was a key tool in helping her prepare for her certification exams. 

My first admin job gave me amazing opportunities to travel across the country to meet with my users, train them, and help them see the value in adopting Salesforce as a tool that would help them work smarter, not harder. I believe things happen for a reason.

Jennifer Cole
Director of Business Intelligence & Automation, 908 Devices, Inc.

A New Challenge

Jen thrived in the ecosystem, but was looking to get her hands dirty and do more with her skills. When it came time for a new role, she chose 908 Devices for the challenge it would present in running an organization as a solo admin. She sought to immerse herself fully in building something from the ground up, believing it could surpass her previous experiences and wanting to challenge herself to learn and apply new features to enhance the platform. As the business grew, her role expanded to leadership. Jen’s team is driving incredible impact at 908 Devices, increasing productivity by 55% and driving $208K in savings—empowering every user to have insight into the business's health and their customers' happiness to create a single source of truth for more informed customer-centric decision-making. Jen is leading the way in creating a culture of transparency and community in her company. 

Insight from the Trailblazer Community

As Jen grows in her career, the Trailblazer Community has become her sanctuary. As one of the first customers to successfully adopt MuleSoft Composer, she became a leader in both the Trailblazer and MuleSoft Communities, making connections across the ecosystem. A dedicated product expert and advocate, Jen is a perfect example of the potential of technology and community when we work together.