Kaelan Moss is a Trailblazer

A Goal Realized

Growing up, Kaelan Moss always aimed to establish a solid career that would enable him to help support his family while creating a lasting legacy. Graduating with his master's degree and landing his first post-grad job as a Salesforce Administrator were pivotal steps toward achieving this goal.

Overcoming Obstacles, Together

When Kaelan was unexpectedly laid off from his job and forced to move back home with his family in 2020, he decided to use this setback as an opportunity. He continued his own learning and also encouraged his entire family to embark on their own Salesforce journeys. He took it upon himself to financially support them so they could prioritize their learning.

Creating a Generational Legacy

Today, both Kaelan’s mom and sister are Salesforce certified and working within the ecosystem. Thanks to Kaelan’s support and coaching, his family’s trajectory has changed for the better. And Kaelan was able to quickly find new employment as a Marketing Cloud Instructor and Team Lead. In this role, he oversees the creation of bespoke development and training plans for teammates to prepare for Salesforce certification exams. Through helping both his team and family, he recognized his innate ability to inspire and empower people from all backgrounds to pursue careers in the tech industry.

If I can make one impact on someone in the Trailblazer Community, and then they can make one impact... I like to think about how different the world could be in a year, or five years, from now.

Kaelan Moss
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Instructor, Revolent Group

Empowering the Next Generation of Admins

Kaelan’s experience gave him a deep sense of purpose, ultimately inspiring him to start his own YouTube channel, MinuteAdmin. Through his channel, Kaelan details the value of what Salesforce Admins bring to the table; positively impacting business by ensuring efficient data management, enabling insightful reporting and analytics, and ultimately, enhancing the customer experience for companies. By documenting the impact of the admin role alongside his own experiences in breaking into the tech industry on his channel, Kaelan is providing a clear and reliable path for a global audience to find successful careers and change lives — one video at a time.