Pallavi Agarwal is a Trailblazer

The Beginnings of an Entrepreneur

As an Indian immigrant with a large extended family of entrepreneurs, Pallavi Agarwal was raised to value the entrepreneurial spirit. Destined to be a self-starter and open doors for others, she carried that spirit with her as she entered the workforce after college and into consulting. In her initial post-grad years, Pallavi was able to grow and further expand her skillset, learn new technologies, and build experience in various industries. However, she always remained focused on starting her own business. When she was first introduced to Salesforce, everything clicked.

Taking the Leap with Salesforce

The Salesforce ecosystem presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch businesses. With a platform that anyone can build consultancies and supportive applications alongside, Pallavi saw the chance to continue to stretch her consulting skills as the foundation for the vision of her future company. And with Salesforce’s customer prioritization also aligned with her own values, she had the confidence she needed. When she landed her first client, Pallavi took that big first step in becoming a small business owner.

Salesforce puts customers first, and it shows through their constant product development and innovation. I wanted to build my company [Kander] around Salesforce because of these strong customer-first values that I too hold in high regard.

Pallavi Agarwal
CEO & Founder, Kander Consult

Innovation-fueled Customer Success

Pallavi has created and continues to successfully run her own cloud transformation consulting firm, Kander Consult. As a trusted advisor to her customers, Pallavi is constantly learning and staying connected with market trends and Salesforce innovations. In doing so, Pallavi and her team ensure they are alway optimizing Salesforce in an effective and scalable way. Even as her customers’ needs shift, she and her team readily adapt Kander’s offerings in a way that supports her customers to stay strategic and competitive in the market.

Continued Community Support

Pallavi actively pays it all forward through her dedicated participation within the Trailblazer Community. She mentors fellow female small business owners and offers internships to job seekers, and co-leads Salesforce’s DC Admin group.