Rafael Hernandez is a Trailblazer

Architecting Innovation

Growing up, Rafael Hernandez hadn’t considered a career in technology until he touched a computer for the first time. From that moment, a passion ignited within him - he was hooked. In his career, he initially focused on web development, which led him to a role with a small nonprofit where he utilized Salesforce. Falling in love with the platform, he devoted himself to learning everything he could about it. When the nonprofit decided to transition to another CRM, Rafael remained loyal to Salesforce and found a new company. Today, Rafael holds the position of Salesforce Specialist Leader at Deloitte where he holds on to that passion, building innovative solutions that not only drive business impact but also enhance customer experiences. With a profound understanding of the Einstein 1 Platform, he designs resilient and scalable frameworks tailored to meet the unique requirements of each organization he collaborates with.

Dedication Beyond Expertise

Through his extensive industry experience and technical know-how, Rafael is an invaluable catalyst in promoting the adoption and utilization of Salesforce at Deloitte. His contributions not only empower businesses to flourish, but also create avenues of opportunity for aspiring Salesforce professionals in Latin America. Rafael's steadfast dedication to Salesforce and his ability to drive positive change position him as a prominent figure in the Salesforce ecosystem, inspiring others to emulate his path.

Empowering Tomorrow

Rafael extends his passion for Salesforce into the educational domain across Latin American nations. Serving as a volunteer instructor, he introduces students to the potential of Salesforce technology, imparting knowledge and experience to equip the upcoming generation of Salesforce professionals with the skills needed for success. Additionally, in his role as a Student Group Mentor, Rafael nurtures and guides students in their own education, fostering a vibrant community of aspiring Salesforce experts.

In my classes, I often hear people say, 'Salesforce is just a box, and you can't do much with it.' My response is always, 'Let me build you a box to demonstrate that there's no limit to what can be achieved with Salesforce.'

Rafael Hernandez
Salesforce Specialist Leader, Deloitte

Inspiring Leadership

His unwavering commitment to the Salesforce community is truly admirable. Actively engaging in assisting others, Rafael conducts technical sessions, generously sharing his insights and expertise to empower fellow professionals on their Salesforce journeys. By offering guidance, invaluable insights, and best practices, he adeptly steers individuals and entities through the complexities of the Salesforce ecosystem.