Sima Samara is a Trailblazer

Finding Her Voice in a New World

Sima Samara has a self described “big mouth.” In her home country, Sima used her mouth to advocate for women’s rights. After drawing negative attention from her government, and fearing for her life, she was forced to flee to the Netherlands as a refugee. Arriving alone in a new country, Sima discovered that her pharmaceutical degree carried no weight in Europe, and began working as a housekeeper. She was feeling directionless, when she stumbled on an ad for Blue Road Academy and was introduced to the Salesforce ecosystem. This is when Sima found her path and took a monumental step forward.

Dreaming Big with Trailhead and the Trailblazer Community

Blue Road Academy guided Sima into a new world — the freedom to dream bigger. She quickly fell in love with Trailhead and all that was possible to build on the Einstein 1 Platform. But the biggest game changer for Sima was being introduced to the Trailblazer Community. At her first Amsterdam community meetup, Sima instantly was welcomed, accepted, and received the connection she had been missing. For the first time since leaving her home county, Sima felt like she had family around her and a clear idea of what was possible. Within only five months, Sima landed her first job as a Salesforce Developer. 

Everyone in the Trailblazer Community was so welcoming and so warm. They care to help you, to advise you, to welcome you, without looking at who you are and why you are here.

Sima Samara
Sr. Salesforce Consultant & Evangelist, Valtech

Driving Business Transformation with Salesforce

Sima’s commitment to continuous learning has not slowed down, and her career has blossomed. She now works as a Senior Salesforce Consultant & Evangelist at Valtech, bringing her vast array of experiences and expertise to a global digital agency renowned for transforming businesses. Her role centers around optimizing the way businesses interact with their customers. She continually applies her deep understanding of CRM, data, and AI to help companies leverage Salesforce's capabilities, resulting in enhanced efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business growth.

Using Her Voice to Help Others

Sima remains grateful to the Trailblazer Community for guiding her on the path to her dream job. Today, Sima uses her “big mouth” and her platform to help fellow refugees settle into a new life in the Netherlands and introduce them to the Salesforce ecosystem. As an ambassador for Blue Road Academy and a co-founder of Trailkeeper, Sima is showing refugees that they can build a successful career with Salesforce. She’s passionate about giving back and helping others find their footing from the moment they step into their new country. Sima was born a Trailblazer. Her journey has just gotten started.