Tiffany Spencer is a Trailblazer

Representation Matters

Tiffany Spencer is on a mission to enable job seekers to find high-paying technology careers and to help organizations thrive in the Salesforce ecosystem. Her interest in technology began when she decided to forgo cheerleading camp for computer camp and learned how to take apart a computer.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Information Systems and entering the workforce, Tiffany was focused solely on producing quality work. But as an African-American woman in technology, she quickly experienced many challenges. Tiffany credits her former manager Rita the “most technical person of color” she had exposure to with giving her the opportunity to advance her career in the tech industry. She began as an admin for a small land development company and after a week of training, became known as the Salesforce expert of her organization. While this job didn’t mention Salesforce in the job description, her chance encounter with the Einstein 1 Platform would later shape her entire career. As Tiffany began learning more about Salesforce technology, she wanted to share with others so they could advance in their careers as well.

Working in the Salesforce space has been extremely beneficial to me. As I learned the technology, I continued to increase my skills and my salary. It was this well-kept secret so I decided to get more people into the space...I don’t want my community left behind.

Tiffany Spencer
CEO, Tech Forward Solutions

Driving Change and Impact

Witnessing a lack of diversity in the tech space and inspired to pay it forward, Tiffany founded Tech Forward, a nonprofit organization that exposes marginalized communities to cloud-based applications and career paths to help participants be more marketable and obtain higher-paying jobs and career opportunities. She also co-founded Tech Forward Solutions, an extension of the aforementioned nonprofit, where both individuals and entire organizations can learn how to achieve success in the Salesforce ecosystem. By implementing Salesforce technologies, Tech Forward Solutions enable their clients to streamline operations, enhance project management, drive efficiency, and deliver exceptional value.