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Women in sales and marketing face more than their fair share of career obstacles. The mission of Trailblazing Women is to change that. Through this series we are building a network for women ready to rock the status quo, break barriers to success, and lead the way forward.

We're coming together to make new connections, find mentors, cultivate leadership, and bring more women to the table.


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Trailblazing Women Profiles


Denise Irby

Assistant Vice President, HR

Enterprise Car Sales

Mother of three, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Mentor

Heather Schafland

Kim Gandhi

Sarah Franklin

Annie Wright


Tiffani Bova

Anna Chen

Amy Armstrong

Jamie Domenici


Erica Kuhl

Heather Malenshek

Alex Paladino

Taren Rodabaugh


Past Events


Trailblazing Women Summit

An extraordinary day designed to inspire and empower us on the path to Gender Equality.

In celebration and honor of Women’s Month in March, Salesforce hosted the inaugural Trailblazing Women Summit as a day to elevate women and allies working to drive Gender Equality. We heard from luminary and celebrity trailblazers across business, media, and tech — including Salesforce customers, board members, and executives. Keynote speakers included Dr. Mae C. Jemison, Ibtihaj Muhammad, and Soledad O’Brien.

Ready to break boundaries to success? Hear from Trailblazing Women.


Scale is what makes many big companies start to slow down. Often the stagnation happens in part because they didn’t appropriately prepare their sales organizati...

Susan St. Ledger — Chief Revenue Officer, splunk inc.

Of all sales skills, from prospecting, to qualifying, building relationships, negotiating, and closing, the pitch is perhaps the most unique and critical.

Annie Simms — Vice President, Financial Services, Salesforce

Empathy is a very powerful selling skill. A salesperson lacking empathy can’t influence others and won’t understand their prospects needs and motivations.

Colleen Stanley — President and Chief Selling Officer, SalesLeadership, Inc.

When Bobbi Brown first arrived in New York right out of college, she had one goal: work in the makeup industry. Of course, it wasn’t as easy as all of that. Dis...


Rather than prioritizing pipeline quantity, discover why committing to pipeline quality is crucial for leading sales organizations. The tighter you manage pipel...

Denise Dresser — SVP, Enterprise Cloud Sales, Salesforce

Empathy can be a game changer for sales. Too often we don’t slow down enough to think about where it fits in all the stages of the sales cycle and “knowing” you...

Damilola Erinle — Area Vice President, U.K. and Ireland, Salesforce (Formerly)



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