Women in sales and marketing face more than their fair share of career obstacles. The mission of Trailblazing Women is to change that. Through this series we are building a network for women ready to rock the status quo, break barriers to success, and lead the way forward.

We're coming together to make new connections, find mentors, cultivate leadership, and bring more women to the table.

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High-growth tech companies increasingly use inside sales to drive expansion. Get insights on this surging trend from LogMeIn's VP of Sales, Amy Appleyard.

Laura Fagan — Product Marketer, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

When Bobbi Brown first arrived in New York right out of college, she had one goal: work in the makeup industry. Of course, it wasn’t as easy as all of that. Dis...


Rather than prioritizing pipeline quantity, discover why committing to pipeline quality is crucial for leading sales organizations. The tighter you manage pipel...

Denise Dresser — SVP, Enterprise Cloud Sales, Salesforce

Mobile is everywhere today. And now something that’s not so obvious: In many corporations, thinking hasn’t caught up with how much mobile has changed the way we...

Colleen Francis — Owner, Engage Selling Solutions

Empathy is a very powerful selling skill. A salesperson lacking empathy can’t influence others and won’t understand their prospects needs and motivations.

Colleen Stanley — President and Chief Selling Officer, SalesLeadership, Inc.

Learn why design thinking is a highly effective selling technique by shifting focus from pushing products or solutions to creating value for the customer.

Brianna Layton — Account Executive, Salesforce

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