Women in sales and marketing face more than their fair share of career obstacles. The mission of Trailblazing Women is to change that. Through this series we are building a network for women ready to rock the status quo, break barriers to success, and lead the way forward.

Join us to:

  • Connect directly with industry shakers
  • Share powerful stories that everyone can learn from
  • Elevate women and men to a place of equality

We're coming together to make new connections, find mentors, cultivate leadership, and bring more women to the table.

We heard from Cosmetic Founder Bobbi Brown and a handful of amazing Sales and Marketing Trailblazers on how they broke glass ceilings and what we could do to empower one another and drive equality.

A key to a successful sales organization is the hiring of good leadership. Learn how to avoid some of the most common hiring mistakes in sales.

Trish Bertuzzi — President & Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group

Scale is what makes many big companies start to slow down. Often the stagnation happens in part because they didn’t appropriately prepare their sales organizati...

Susan St. Ledger — Chief Revenue Officer, splunk inc.

Every sales leader we talk to these days would kill to get an extra hour back in their day. Days are filled with meetings, phone calls, customer issues, product...

Jill Konrath — Bestselling Author, Sales Acceleration Strategist

Becoming customer focused is a worthy goal, but can also be a daunting challenge. Read the keys to making customer success a team-wide effort.

Colleen Francis — Owner @ Engage Selling Solutions

The modern buyer does everything in their power to avoid any sort of sales pitch. Discover why content is currency for salespeople facing this new paradigm.

Jill Rowley — Founder & Chief Evangelist, #SocialSelling

We’ve long recognized effectiveness as a prime driver of business success, particularly since Peter Drucker formulated the rules and required “habits of thought...

Laura Stack — President & CEO, Productivity Keynote Speaker and Author, The Productivity Pro, Inc.


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