Amy Armstrong

Name: Amy Armstrong
Personal Title: Loyal Friend and Confidant
Work Title: RVP, Commercial Sales- Manufacturing
Company: Salesforce
City, State, Country: Atlanta, GA, USA

How did you get started in Sales or Marketing?
In college, you applied for your major after your sophomore year. At that point, I was positive I would be in finance or accounting. I got a call from my Marketing professor's assistant asking me to come to his office hours. When I showed up, he told me I needed to change my major to Marketing because he felt like I would be in sales my entire life....... he was right.

Do you use Salesforce in your day to day?
Yes! Everything I do is in Salesforce. I run my business and my team runs their business on the platform. My team uses Salesforce to track all of their activities, opportunities, forecasts....everything!

What is your biggest accomplishment in your career to date?
I have a few promotions that I'm really proud of, but my biggest accomplishment was facing my fear of speaking in large crowds to deliver a keynote for one of our Salesforce events in Atlanta. I speak in front of a room of my peers, my team or my customers 3/4 times a week, but speaking in front of 500 people was a daunting task and the one I'm the proudest of.

What would most people reading this today be surprised to learn about you?
I'm the only girl in a family of 5 kids... and the middle child none the less. I've never held a job where I wasn't compeletly outnumbered by the males around me. It started for me on day one :)

When hiring, what skills or attributes do you value most?
Honesty, Curiosity and Confidence

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
My dad told me at a young age to reduce my exposure to calamity. While I thought he was crazy at the time, it's actually crazy how often this advice rings true. I use this advice in all things I do. I try to hedge risk in my personal and professional life and even use it for simple things, like leave your keys at home if you don't need them! Then you can't lose them.

What do you do to empower other women?
I challenge them to step up and speak out. We can't be agents of change if we aren't being heard.

What advice do you have to find an ally?
Every connection is an opportunity. Ask for help and talk to everyone!

On risk taking...
Don't be afraid to take a risk, but you better learn from every risk you take. Dare to fail... and fail fast. You will learn the most about yourself, your job, your peers, and your customers by taking risks and pushing the envelope.

On balancing personal and work life...
What's that? For me, this has been tough. I throw everything into my job and often times, I've gotten over my head and not taken enough “me” time. It's something we need to work at all the time. We need to put ourselves first. I make it a priority to say “no” to something at work and “yes” to something in my personal life at least once a month. It may not sound like a lot, but baby steps:) So for me, it's work/life integration.

Fun Facts:

  • My morning routine - I wake up at 5:40 and hit the gym....assuming I'm not running to the airport. From there, a nice cup of ice coffee, knock out some important emails and get to the office to make things happen!
  • My life mantra - “Trust the Journey”
  • My movie doppelganger - Super random, but I've been told several times by different people that I remind them of Marissa Tomei in “My Cousin Vinny”, so I guess I would have to pick her.