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AI Built for Business

Enterprise AI built directly into your CRM. Maximise productivity across your entire organisation by bringing business AI to every app, user, and workflow. Empower users to deliver more impactful customer experiences in sales, service, commerce, and more with personalised AI assistance.

Build your business AI strategy today.

Get trusted AI built into the flow of work to help teams work faster. Whether it's sales reps creating pipeline that closes, service agents resolving cases in record time, or marketers building high-performing campaigns, Einstein is here to help. Empower every user with a trusted AI assistant today.

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Sales AI.

Magnify seller impact with predictive and generative AI for sales.

  • Auto-generate personal and data-informed emails for every sales conversation in seconds.
  • Quickly generate summaries and action items to move deals forward.
  • Save time on account research, meeting preparation, and CRM updates.
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Customer Service AI.

Deliver personalised experiences and save time with AI customer support.

  • Send personalised responses and create work summaries using your trusted CRM data.
  • Deliver optimal recommendations to your customer, just when they need it
  • Use an easy, point-and-click interface to build and launch bots in minutes.
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Marketing AI.

Guide customers through personalised journeys powered by Marketing AI.

  • Use AI to identify your most engaged customers and the perfect send time, send frequency, and content for each.
  • Generate and scale relevant content fast with email content creation.
  • Take the guesswork out of lead and account scoring through data-driven insights.
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Commerce AI.

Transform commerce experiences with trusted enterprise AI.

  • Resolve complex issues and increase customer satisfaction with a humanised, in-app experience.
  • Integrate ChatGPT with custom plugins to capture and convert search traffic to your storefront.
  • Create and localise product descriptions with AI-generated, personalised descriptions.

Get the most out of business AI with thousands of partner apps and experts.

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Business AI FAQ.

Artificial intelligence can help businesses drive cost savings and revenue growth by accelerating decision making, unleashing productivity, and delivering more personalised customer experiences.

While not every business today uses AI, it is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to have an AI strategy to remain competitive and relevant to their customers.

It's important to choose a partner that you trust and that will continue to invest in AI product strategy. Salesforce has been investing in its AI product strategy for over a decade and serves as a trusted AI advisor to thousands of companies across the world.