There is a huge shift occuring in the wold of buying and selling. Your customers and prospects have been practising ‘connected buying’ for years now. But too many salespeople, at too many companies, are failing to use the same strategies and resources that buyers have become experts in. That’s a big disadvantage – and an avoidable one.

It's Time for Connected Selling

But how can getting connected change the way you sell – for the (much, much) better? What does ‘connected selling’ even look like?

We’ve created a ‘This is Connected Selling’ Prezi to get you up to speed with the latest techniques. If you’re new to Prezi, you may find these tips handy:

1. Start Prezi and then click the button on the lower right for full-screen mode 

2. Keep hitting the ‘right arrow’ button to advance to the next step

3. Enjoy! 

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