We just love the concept of a 'Customer Service Hero' - somebody who goes way beyond the call of duty to delight their customers. But behind every hero, there has to be a great company that empowers their employees to go that extra mile. 

Some companies just plain get customer service. They send their customers over the moon by delivering that extra effort that nobody even thought to ask for, turning them into lifelong advocates.

The Great John Lewis Sleepover

A truly great retailer here in the UK, John Lewis, is widely regarded as a leader in their field - and rightly so.

This is the true story of a legendary customer service culture and one of their major customer service wins. It took place in High Wycombe, during a pre-Christmas blizzard. When we heard about it, we called up the manager who made it all happen and let her tell the story (then we made it in to this really cool storybook!).

So go full-screen, turn your sound on and start clicking the ‘forward’ button -- you’ve just got to hear this. If you can't view the story here, you can also find it on the Prezi website


Unfortunately, chances to personally delight customers during unforeseen blizzards are once-in-a-lifetime. Customers demanding spot-on service across all channels are a reality. Download Multi-Channel Customer Service: Into The Bright Future and read about 5 steps that will get your service machine ready for now.