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In the world of IT we love to create new words and one that’s been around for a while now is consumerization. We’ve talked about the consumerization of IT, where individuals bring their own devices and demands into the workplace; the consumerization of customer service, where customers dictate how they wish to be contacted; and the consumerization of applications, largely driven by the mobile app revolution, where we all select our own set of apps to help us with anything from gaming to banking. But is the age of the consumerization of app development starting to dawn? It is certainly one of the themes we’ll be exploring at Salesforce World Tour London.

The word “consumerization” seems a little dry and process driven, when really we’re talking about tailoring a service to meet the needs of an individual versus the needs of an organisation, and that’s a good thing right? However, it is something that requires a change in mindset and a change in approach, as it carries with it an expectation of flexibility, accessibility and rapid change (how often do you download, ditch or update the apps on your smart phone?). These are all things not traditionally associated with corporate application development and deployment.

This may sound like another headache for IT, but what about the upside for the organisation? What if your employees could build and adapt apps as easily as they build spreadsheets and presentations today? Apps which connect your people to your processes and data, allowing them to access, update and create the information they need when and where they need it. And they could do all of this on a secure and trusted platform that didn’t require them to know any code to do it? Sound a bit implausible?

The truth is, the most innovative companies are already empowering their workforce in this way. We have plenty of examples of such, and at the Salesforce World Tour in London on May 21st, we’ll be showcasing many of them. I’m particularly delighted that Ocado will share how they’re transforming their business with the Salesforce1 Platform during our Platform Keynote.

But that is just one example, we have plenty more great companies sharing their stories and experiences during a range of other sessions, in fact we have 40+ breakout sessions for every role. If coding is your thing, the interactive Dev Zone and hands-on sessions will give you plenty to get stuck in to, and hundreds of like-minded developers to meet up with.

Some of this may seem a long way off for your company, so if you’re just starting out with your mobile application strategy, we have great content for you too. I know I’ll be grabbing a seat for the Defining Your Strategy for Mobile Success with Saleforce1 Session.

If we’ve all become experts in social media, wireless networking and mobile cloud applications in the last 5 years, what’s next, maybe we’re all the future developers too? I'd love to connect with anyone coming to the event, you can find me on Twitter @iawaters.