I've always been a firm believer in getting a grip on your customer data, in order to sell, market and service more smartly – but today, it’s only a small part of the story. 

In the fourth and final video in our Find, Win, Keep, Grow mini-series, I shed some light on the vast quantities of new data coming from all directions, and how the smartest small businesses are utilising the big data revolution. 

Like the data out there on social networks. And in the Internet of Things, which some say will bring together 70 billion devices, sensors and any kind of connected ‘thing’ you can think of, from heart rate monitors to fridges – and even pets! (You'll have to watch the video to hear about that one..)

It’s a whole universe of data and it can be overwhelming for businesses. 

But we’re seeing more SMBs pushing to make this data accessible and useful. That’s the aim at the heart of the data revolution that’s helping businesses do four key things:

  1. Access the data in and around their business.
  2. Mine it for insight.
  3. Collaborate to discover the best uses for this new data.
  4. Take action to put it to work for real business results.

That’s the promise of the data revolution we’re seeing today - more often than not driven forward by the most innovative SMBs

Well that's the last one in this mini-series, I've really enjoyed putting these together for you - taking the learnings and innovations from some of the most exciting small businesses across Europe - and bringing them together under some core themes.  If you missed the others, you can start with the first: why is a customer-centric culture so important for fast growth and work your way along. 

Alternatitely, we've put together this e-book to guide you on your way to making a bigger impact from your small business