I've noticed over the years that thriving businesses are an incredibly diverse bunch – but they have one characteristic in common: they all have the customer at their heart. They are all passionate about customer-centricity. 

That’s the single most important lesson from this first installation of our Find, Win, Keep, Grow video mini-series.

Customer acquisition is all well and good but without a smart customer retention system in place, your hard-won successes will drain away fast. Think of your small business CRM system as a bucket. If you’re going to the well to get some water (i.e. customers), you don’t take a bucket with holes in it.

In this short video, I discuss a few things that will help you create a water-tight plan for ensuring you remain a customer centric company such as: 

  • Creating a single view of your customer, incorporating data from many public and private sources 
  • Providing a personalised customer journey, no matter how many customers you have

All of this boils down to putting the customer at the centre of your universe. The right Small Business CRM gives you the power to do that. I really hope you enjoy these videos and can learn from the experiences we've gained over the years. 

If you want to find out how your small business can be making a bigger impact, check out this e-book on that very topic. Thanks for watching.