Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Salesforce in the UK? We’re highlighting some of our fantastic women in technology here on the blog - check back to see more and visit our careers site to find out about our unique #SalesforceOhana culture!

Today we caught up with Gill Payne, Senior Director, Employee Success UK, to get an insight into some of the exciting things her and her HR team get up to. Over to you Gill... 

06:30: The radio wakes me up. I’ve switched from using my iPhone alarm and it’s liberating!

07:15: I’m getting the tube today as I work in Saleforce Tower in the City 2-3 times a week. I check what’s come up at work overnight and have a quick scan of the BBC news app. I usually make sure I can take the walk along the Southbank on my way in. The fresh air, exercise and outlook have helped me come up with some of my best ideas for making Salesforce UK a Great Place to Work.

08:30: I’m meeting some of my sales colleagues to finalise our presentation for Sales Kickoff. I’ll be interviewing a panel in front of 600 colleagues next week and we want to make sure they get their most critical questions answered.

09:30: I have a quick coffee and catch up with our UK Senior Vice President to wrap up anything outstanding from the week. 

10:30: My HR team (Employee Success) will be meeting soon for an off-site and I’ve invited a local social enterprise along so we can fit some volunteering into the agenda. The Teaboat Project will be a floating cafe on the river in Staines-upon-Thames that will inspire and rejuvenate the local community. Together with about 40 of my colleagues we’ll be designing marketing materials. In total we’ll spend about 140 hours giving back to the local community and we’ll also learn about the cause.

13:00: Lunch! Not very healthy but ok as it's Friday!

14:00: I’m meeting a city personal trainer and wellness consultant to discuss a series of seminars on wellbeing we’ll be hosting for Salesforce employees. We’re discussing topics such as “Nutrition for Improved Health and Performance” and I try to forget the mac and cheese I ate earlier.

15:00: I’ve invited our consultant from Great Place to Work to meet our UK leaders and report our UK survey results. After reaching 3rd place on the list for the 2nd year running, we’re delighted by the feedback and improvements in every dimension.

16:00: Lastly I’m finalising a presentation on culture that we’ll also be delivering at Sales Kickoff. Ohana - Hawaiian for family - is the spirit we cultivate at Salesforce globally, and I’m looking forward to announcing the new things we’re doing in the UK in support of it.

17:00: My email has built up during the day but I’m confident I’ve focused on the most important things today for our business. In a fast-growing company prioritisation is everything and I have to plan my time effectively. 

19:30: I just got home. Time to switch off and enjoy the weekend!

If this sounds like a place you’d like to work, you’re in luck because we’re always hiring! Learn more about joining the #SalesforceOhana at salesforce.com/ukcareers