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Today we delve into the world of Alice Grasset, who manages our marketing activities in Emerging Markets. Over to you, Alice...

06:30: Alarm rings and I usually check all of my social networks in order of seriousness as my brain gradually starts functioning… Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, then of course Salesforce Chatter. Quick look at my SalesforceIQ Inbox – the best thing about SalesforceIQ is that any email that requires actions from me are flagged as tasks.  

07:00: I’m driving to the stable to ride my horse: early rides bring me my dose of positive energy for the day. 

09:30: Showered and ready to work, I run up the stairs of our gorgeous Parisian office. We’ve been here for months and I should get used to the Eiffel Tower view but I don’t. Still amazed. 

10:00: I am briefing a new Polish event agency to help us run our upcoming Salesforce event in Warsaw. We are obsessed with quality and attention to details. Making sure our vendors are aligned is critical. 

11:00: Giving back is one of the most important values at Salesforce.

I chose to help Peninsula School Feeding Association which provides meals to hungry school children in Cape Town, South Africa. They use Salesforce to keep track of their donations and we’ve invited them to our event Essentials Cape Town to organise a fundraiser: time for a quick call to go through logistics! I was really surprised that it costs just USD30 to feed a child at school for an entire year.

11:30: Our customers are our best advocates and showcasing their success is the cornerstone of our communication strategy. We’re inviting an impactful Israeli brand to our upcoming event in Tel Aviv and a top Salesforce executive will be interviewing their CIO on stage. I interview him and work with him to highlight their Salesforce success in a relevant way. It’s interesting to be in direct contact with our customers: that’s when I realize the power of the Customer Success Platform. 

12:30: Time for lunch - and a great moment to catch up with my colleagues from the French team. 

13:00: I run a weekly team call with the extended Israeli team (Sales, Solution Engineering, Channel and Alliances, Customer Success, Foundation) to align on our upcoming event in Tel Aviv. We go through different aspects of event organisation: registration, sponsoring partners, agenda, content, customers on stage and not to forget live demos... In this job, I really get to interact with almost every single team at Salesforce.

14:00: I try to stay away from my emails and phone a little bit to concentrate on my presentation of our marketing activities at the next Quarterly Business Review in Dublin. In ten days I will be presenting in front of all sales executives in emerging markets. 

15:30: Google Hangouts is ringing, that’s my lovely teammate Clara from Spain who wants to chat. I’m her onboarding buddy and we love to catch up, today she needs to get up to speed on campaigns and mass emails and it’s an opportunity perfecta to put my rusty Spanish to practice! 

16:30: Time to head to Charles de Gaulle Airport. Working in emerging markets means I need to travel a lot to keep in touch with all of the people I collaborate with. Next stop: Dubai! While in the cab I open my Salesforce1 mobile app to refresh my dashboards, and respond to Chatter. This app lets me run everything from my phone, and as a “road warrior” I couldn’t imagine working without that kind of mobility.

17:00: Arrived at the airport where I can sit and think through my missions in Dubai: marketing activities with local partners, and the planning of Salesforce Iftar to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan with executives from our flagship accounts in the region. 

18:30: Boarding time for my flight! I will work on the next event keynote deck  - and I’ll probably also watch the latest Game of Thrones episode, or a girly romantic comedy (or both). Then I’ll try to get some sleep: I’ve mastered some ninja-level contortion skills to be able to fall asleep in the small seats!

Too late to admit – Landed in Dubai and thanks to the Smart e-Gate system available for frequent travellers, I’m out fast. I feel relieved as the huge lines at regular passport control do not seem like a lot of fun in the middle of the night. I long for my hotel bed. 

Another awesome day on my dream job as part of the #SalesforceOhana is drawing to an end – good night! 

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