In recent research done on behalf of Salesforce, 54% of SMEs said that that getting customers to pay on time was one of their biggest business concerns. Coming in close behind was improving cash flow (44%) and having clearly defined terms and conditions for payment and policy cancellation (40%). These are all hugely important to the success of a business, no matter what stage of growth you’re in, but can make or break a small or medium business.

Luckily, there’s an app for that. Here’s a selection of the best apps to help you automate and manage your business finance operations so you can do more with less time and effort.


1) Quickbooks

Quickbooks has an online accounting service that can help with all your accounting needs, including monitoring cash flow, creating VAT returns, setting budgets and creating business reports. Though it started as a desktop program, it now offers its SME-focused accounting functionality from anywhere in the world.


2) Conga Composer

Get ready to create client docs like a pro. Conga Composer lets you easily pull in data from Salesforce to quickly create and deliver client-ready proposals, account plans, invoices, quotes, contracts, reports, and more. It’s a great way to create a really impressive-looking quote or proposal.


3) Sage Live

Hey number crunchers, there’s a better way to calculate your bottom line! While there are plenty of accounting apps out there, Sage Live is one of the best. Why? It connects your CRM, accounting, and financial data all in one place, eliminating hours of having to pull, clean, and compile data. Plus, with mobile access, you can get your accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll asks done anywhere, anytime.


4) DocuSign

E-signatures are here to stay thanks to our friends at DocuSign. Say goodbye forever to scanning, faxing, or trucking down in person to pick up a hard-copy signature. DocuSign lets anyone send, review, sign, and submit documents from any device, making life easier for both your customers and your sales team.


5) Square

Square can help keep credit card transactions simple.  Square lets you process card, cash, check, and gift card transactions from anywhere you are, with one simple swipe. Plus, the Square Point of Sale app gives you immediate access to a whole range of tools to help you run your business better, including invoicing, real-time inventory management, and sales reports.


6) Concur Small Business

Take the pain out of travel and expense reporting. Concur Small Businesses is a travel, expense, and invoice management tool that lets you book flights, capture receipts, and submit expenses right from your phone. With the Concur Connector on AppExchange, you can even link your existing Concur accounts with Salesforce on AppExchange you can link your existing Concur accounts with Salesforce.


7) Professional Services Automation App

This app helps make life easier for your professional services team. The Professional Services Automation App lets your professional services team track expenses, manage projects, and enter in billable time on the go.


8) CPQ

If you want to streamline your sales process from quote to cash, check out CPQ. This app helps reps reduce quote errors and close more deals by making it easy to configure unique product solutions for each customer and ensuring pricing and quoting accuracy.


That’s a wrap for our favourite finance apps! Looking for more? We’ve crafted a mega list of of the Best Cloud Apps and Services for Small and Medium Businesses that should be able to bail you out of some of your biggest business needs.

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