Just a few short months ago, during the build up to World Tour London, we had an idea. We wanted a way to recognise and reward our local Trailblazers for their incredible passion and enthusiasm for all things Salesforce. And so, the Blaze a Trail to Dreamforce Contest was born!

Fast forward to today and we've just been through the, frankly joyous, task of reviewing 27 (yes, 27!!) social media recaps of last month's event, from some of the most fanatic Salesforce users, partners and enthusiasts this side of the Atlantic. The #SalesforceOhana were out in force!

The Judging

The judging was based around four key criteria - creativity, originality, capturing key themes, portraying key messages - each with an equal 25% weighting.

We had four judges here at Salesforce and also an external expert in the world of digital content - none other than Doug Kessler, Co-founder and Creative Director at Velocity Partners who “had a lot of fun judging all the fantastic and creative entries”.

We were amazed by the quantity and variety of entries, but the rankings revealed three finalists which will now go to the public vote on Twitter for the community to decide who will win the V.I.P. trip to Dreamforce and represent the UK & Ireland Salesforce Community.

The finalists... drum roll please

So without further ado, I'm delighted to announce the three finalists (in alphabetical order - no favouritism here!)

  1. Rob Arnell - My Salesforce World Tour | London 2018 Twitter Moment
  2. Cristina Bran - Social Media Highlights Video
  3. Julia Doctoroff - Getting Inspired at Salesforce World Tour London 2018 Blog Post

A massive congratulations to the three of you for making it this far!

What next?

There can be only one winner, so now we turn it over to you - the trusted Salesforce community - to decide who will board that plane to represent our community and become the UK & Ireland social media ambassador at Dreamforce! 🇬🇧 🇮🇪

So please take a few moments to review all three entries and place your vote via our Twitter poll which ends on 18th June.

This has been an incredible contest to witness from the sidelines, the effort and commitment which so many of you have shown really did exceed all our expectations and a huge thank you to all our entrants. As Ashling Kearns, our UK & Ireland CMO put it “I was blown away by the engagement and energy from our community, and loved being able to relive World Tour London through so many different sets of eyes”.

Good luck to all the finalists - and for everyone else, cast your vote now