Supply chains are growing in scale and complexity. And that means everyone within a business – and its partner ecosystem – needs to be on the same page.

At Dreamforce 2018, Trailblazers from global brands like Unilever and Kimberly-Clark will reveal how they’re smashing their data silos, applying AI and analytics, and creating value chains that are connected, intelligent, and on demand.

If you can’t be in San Francisco to hear their stories first-hand, you can still catch some of the most essential sessions from the comfort of your own desk. (Or sofa.)

Simply visit our Dreamforce hub and you’ll be able to watch these crucial keynotes:


Opening Keynote: Marc Benioff and Special Guests

25th September 2018

Today, companies win or lose on the quality of their customer experience – and it’s impossible to deliver standout experiences when you’ve disconnects throughout your value chain.

In the opening address of Dreamforce 2018, you can learn how Brunello Cucinelli, Unilever, Marriott and more are taking advantage of the latest tech, and transforming the way their employees connect with customers.


Salesforce Integration Keynote: Connect Every App, Data and Device

26th September 2018

The first step to a smarter, more transparent value chain? Connecting your all data sources – from legacy business systems to innovative IoT technologies.

In this session, you’ll learn how to connect everything in your value chain, with a chance to see the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform in action, and to hear from Jane Moran, Unilever Global CIO.


Consumer Goods Keynote: Driving Intelligent, Integrated Consumer Experiences

27th September 2018

A smart approach to integration is at the heart of every successful digital transformation. And in our Consumer Goods Keynote, we’ll explore why.

Our own experts will be joined by trailblazing individuals from Kimberly-Clark and Sysco to discuss just what it takes to win on customer experience – and thrive in these disruptive times.


Einstein Analytics Keynote: AI + Analytics For Every Business Process

28th September 2018

Once upon a time, analytics was about learning lessons from the past. Today, it’s about predicting the future.

In our Einstein Analytics Keynote, you’ll discover how AI has simplified the value chain analytics workflow. You’ll also see how Dreamforce, DuPont, Telstra and thousands of Trailblazers are using AI to amazing effect within their organisations.


…And a little extra value chain reading

You can find out just what happens when you put analytics in the hands of every business user across the value chain in our eBook called, weirdly enough, ‘Put analytics in the hands of every business user across the value chain’.

You’ll find it on your Dreamforce Value Chain hub, too.


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