The smartest organisations are, right now, thinking obsessively about how they deliver smarter sales and service.

That’s because, for today’s connected customers, a great product isn’t enough – they want a great experience.  And to deliver the kind of seamless, end-to-end experiences customers expect, organisations need to do three things, fast:


  1. Simplify and optimise their sales and service workforce
    With 360° visibility of every customer interaction, sales and service agents get the insight they need to make smarter real-time decisions at every touch point, fast.

  2. Contextualise every customer interaction
    Nobody likes to repeat themselves. By empowering every agent with a single source of customer truth, multi-channel service interactions are smart, simple and seamless.

  3. Facilitate the next step: enhanced customer service
    The ultimate end game: intelligent end-to-end customer experiences facilitated by a simple, unified, data-driven platform enabling total visibility – from phone to field.


Of course, this is all easier said – or typed into a quick, bulleted list – than done.

That’s why at Dreamforce 2018 we’re diving deep into intelligent sales and service, to help organisations lay the foundations for true end-to-end customer journeys. If you’d like to see (and hear) what we emerge with, check out these unmissable streams below:


Intelligent Sales & Service at Dreamforce 2018


Dreamforce: A Celebration of Trailblazers

Tuesday, September 25th

Join Salesforce Chairman Marc Benioff as he showcases how world-leading companies are using emerging technologies to drive intelligent, connected customer service experiences. We’ll also hear from Trailblazers like Brunello Cucinelli, Unilever, Marriott, and United Way – each of which are transforming their customer practices in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Behind the Scenes at LEGO Connected City with Mulesoft and Salesforce IoT

Tuesday, September 25th

Join us behind the scenes of the Salesforce LEGO connected city as we demonstrate the value of preventive maintenance in a live use case with MuleSoft and Salesforce IoT. In this exclusive deep dive, you’ll see exactly how we use an application network and the power of the platform to deliver a completely new service to our customers.


Transform Field Service for the New Mobile Workforce

Wednesday, September 26th

By 2022, the number of smartphone users in the UK is expected to hit 53.96 million. For this hyper-connected generation, every service interaction shapes their expectation of the next, and if organisations hope to succeed, they’ll need to deliver. Join us as we demonstrate how to empower your next generation of mobile workers with the technologies they need to transform the on-site service experie.  


Sales Cloud Keynote: Now Every Sales Team Gets AI

Wednesday, September 26th

There’s never been a better time to be in sales. Rapid innovation in connected technology has broken sales free from the confines of time and space. Hyperbole? No. With the right tools, smarter selling is possible anytime, anywhere, on any channel. See how Trailblazers like Airbnb use Sales Cloud and Einstein AI to drive smarter sales, and don’t miss your first look at High Velocity Sales – a single, more efficient solution for next-generation sales reps.


Service Cloud Keynote: Customer Success in the New Age of Service

Thursday, September 27th

Automation, integration, omni-channel – the way customers interact with the brands they love has changed irrevocably. To compete and thrive in this new age of smart, connected service, every organisation needs to be geared towards customer success. Join us to see how Trailblazers like Marriott, IBM, and The Container Store use Service Cloud, Community Cloud and Salesforce Lightning to transform service for the better.


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