This week at Salesforce Tower in London, we welcomed visitors to join us for the Week of Innovation to catch-up on all the latest news and announcements from Dreamforce. In this article you will find some of the top session recordings from Tuesday 13th November - the theme of the day was "Connect to your Customers through Personalised Journeys". 


Customer Interview with Laura Bowmer, Aston Martin


During the opening keynote, we heard from Laura Bowmer, Senior Manager Marketing Operations at Aston Martin, who shared how they are delivering personlised customer journeys to their fanatical customers. 


Intelligent Marketing for the Empowered Consumer featuring Ticketmaster


The marketers' playbook has forever changed in this Age of Intelligent Marketing, with transformative technologies like AI redefining consumer interactions. Join Salesforce who with Trailblazer Ticketmaster will show how the #1 marketing platform is enabling marketers to better know, personalise, and engage your consumers. Learn how to build your brands and grow ROI from innovative companies, while connecting with your fellow trailblazers to gain new insights, have fun, and win the hearts, minds, and loyalty of your consumers.


Beyond the Boundaries of ‘In-Store vs Online’: The Rise of Unified Retail - Customer Panel with Rituals, Sweaty Betty & Karen Millen 


The real trendsetters in Retail today are those embracing Unified Retail. By combining what shoppers love most about both the physical and digital worlds, retailers are able to offer seamless experiences, while also realizing greater efficiencies along the way. But what does Unified Retail look like in Fashion & Luxury? How can retailers deliver this nirvana consistently across all customer touch points? How do they combine the online and offline in a relevant way for consumers? Join our Trailblazer panel as they share their stories of success so you can envision and design your own Unified Retail experience.


The Salesforce Formula for Commerce Success 


Commerce Cloud reaches more than a BILLION consumers every year! Join this session to learn more about our innovations in B2C Commerce with AI, visual search, customer experience and more to create a faster and smarter path to purchase. We invite commerce executives, developers, marketers and merchandisers to learn how to take advantage of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform - and become a Trailblazer for commerce.


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