Last week at Salesforce Tower in London, we welcomed visitors to join us for the Week of Innovation to catch-up on all the latest news and announcements from Dreamforce. In this article you will find some of the top session recordings from Friday 16th November - the theme of the day was "The Fast Path to Growth ". 


Customer Interview with Chieu Cao, Perkbox


The eager crowd were keen to hear insights from one of the UK's leading fast-growth companies, and Co-Founder and CMO, Chieu Cao from Perkbox certainly didn't disappoint. Catch all the tips and advice in this great Q&A session with Salesforce's Ed Wall. 


Aligning Sales & Marketing: How Salesforce Uses Pardot


Join us to hear how the Pardot marketing team used Pardot's B2B Marketing Automation platform + Salesforce Engage to put the power of marketing automation in the hands of our sales reps. You'll learn how to create marketing-approved sales campaigns that will generate more leads, close more deals, maximize ROI, and achieve sales and marketing alignment.


Automating Lead to Cash on the Salesforce Platform


Delivering quotes and invoicing customers are just the beginning of the lead-to-cash process. Join this session to learn what it takes to transform your business, align your front and back offices, and deliver a world class buying experience designed to turn your customers into evangelists.


What Partners Want: A Great Channel Sales Experience


Nearly 80% of the world's commerce is sold through partner channels, which means partners are essential to efficiently grow and scale your revenue. But how do you build the type of experience that your partners want to engage with? In this session, we will share what partners require in a portal, and show you how to create a best-in-class experience for your partners. Join us to discover how to build great digital experiences that win the mindshare of your channel sales team.


Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence: 3 Ways to Accelerate Growth


If you've used Siri or Netflix, you've used Artificial Intelligence (AI). So how can you use the same time-saving elements to grow your business? Join us as we demystify AI, highlight how customers are using it to transform their businesses, and demonstrate how Einstein can make your data smarter. We'll share tactical strategies for introducing intelligence across your business to drive efficiency, and you'll walk away with actionable ways to turn your company into a growth powerhouse.