Great products don’t sell themselves anymore. 

As highlighted in our recent Omni-Channel Service eBook, customer experience is fast becoming the biggest and, in some cases, only differentiator between brands – and customer service experiences matter more than most.

Contacting a service team is always an extra, unwanted task in a consumer’s day. So when that service experience turns out to be incredibly positive, its impact on brand perception is huge.

But with customer expectations constantly evolving, how do you stay ahead of the game, and the competition?

Let’s explore how companies in these three diverse industries are doing exactly that. 



Vax is the UK’s best-selling floor care brand – and a trailblazer when it comes to efficient, omni-channel service.

The company has worked to ensure its service agents can connect with customers via multiple channels, including live chat, without having to switch between systems. This frees up their agents to spend more time delighting customers.

When agents do pick up the phone, they get a 360- degree view of the customer relationship – ensuring they have everything they need to resolve the query the first time.

Carole Edwards, Director of Customer Service at Vax, explains: “Our agents no longer have to navigate between nine different systems – they can spend more time helping customers and having meaningful conversations.”


Financial Services

In financial services institutions, customer relationships evolve and change as time goes on, which means their needs change too.

AXA Business Insurance wants to be number one in the direct insurance market by 2020, and with customer referrals essential to successful growth, they’ve made customer service a top priority.

Their strategy? Deliver personalised, omni-channel customer service, that focuses not on AXA business insurance’s products, but on their customers’ needs.

Again, developing a 360-degree customer view has been key, allowing service agents to easily pick up conversations begun with a colleague, and even spot cross-sell opportunities that might previously have been missed.

As Darrell Sansom, Chief Customer & Innovation Officer at AXA UK, puts it, “The more you know about a customer, the easier it is to have a productive conversation.”


Public Sector

With customers receiving brilliant customer experiences in retail and commercial services, more and more customers expect the same from the public sector. 

One public body that’s working to meet those expectations is the DVLA, which has transformed its contact centre experience for customers and agents alike. 

The DVLA’s customers can now access a range of self-service features through its website, while its service agents have a single platform for responding to customer queries, regardless of the channel on which they originate.

The agency has also introduced a new knowledge base, bringing together all the information agents need to respond effectively to customers – and simplifying the onboarding of new staff.

The result of all this service innovation? Happier customers and more engaged contact centre agents. As Tony Ackroyd, Director of Operations and Customer Services at DVLA, explains, “With Salesforce, we can empower and engage our advisors to deliver a better and faster response to millions of drivers and vehicle owners across Great Britain.”


Great products, even better experiences

With customer experience an increasingly key point of competitive differentiation, meeting customer service expectations is crucial.

These three organisations are working to do just that – and in doing so, increasing staff efficiency, boosting customer satisfaction, and raising the bar for everyone else in their respective industries.

Ready to learn how you can do the same? Check out our new Omni-Channel Customer Service eBook to discover why great customer service experiences are still so rare, and learn exactly what to look for in a customer service platform.