At Salesforce, we believe wholeheartedly in the value of investing in our employees. The individual growth of our team members is vital to the health of the entire organisation—and we love to see our teams thrive!

We brought our commitment to professional development to life recently by hosting ‘Leadership Week’ — five days of intentional support, engaging events, and endless ways for team members to dive in and develop their skills. 


Leadership Week

Leadership Week was packed with compelling content, dynamic guest speakers — such as Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School and Peter Docker, co-author of Find Your Why. — and plenty of actionable tips for personal and professional growth.

This year’s event was centred around the theme of ‘Building Courageous Leaders’, exploring courage, integrity, overcoming obstacles, and vulnerability. With these hard-hitting topics, it’s clear we certainly don’t shy away from really digging in at Salesforce! These are topics that impact everyone in the company. We want our entire Ohana — from managers to brand new employees — to have access to effective tools that help them embrace leadership, whatever that looks like for them!

Wondering what it means to be a courageous leader? Hear what our Ohana had to say. 



So what did we actually do during Leadership Week?

From panel discussions, workshops, case studies, conversations between influencers to personal reflections, and one-to-one coaching. In total we had over 20 events, 50+ speakers, 80+ coaching sessions, and 400 volunteer hours logged! One thing is for sure: no one was bored during this week-long learning experience!



It’s important to the leadership teams at Salesforce that every employee is given the opportunity to progress their career, and reach their full potential. We believe in each member of our team and know that it’s always worth investing in the people who make us who we are. John Martin is a Salesforce team member based in Dublin. When he joined the team at age 25, he was honest with his managers about looking for a career, not just a job. He wanted to know if there were clear opportunities for him to succeed and progress in the business. The simple answer? Yes. Since then, John has greatly increased his understanding of sales, going from Business Development to Account Executive in just three years.


“It’s simple to ask a hiring manager whether a company will help you become a success,” said John. “Many say yes, but don’t back it up. But from the first time I came in until now, I’ve had nothing but nurturing and a sense of belonging from everyone I work with.” 


Here at Salesforce, we’re in the business of instilling positive change in the lives of our employees, customers, partners, and members of the communities where we operate. Leadership Week is just one of the ways we’re living out this value—and, take it from us, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

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