Wherever you look, industries are being disrupted by agile, digital-native competitors better positioned to take advantage of the latest connected technologies. 

The smartest organisations understand that to survive and grow, digital transformation is no longer optional. Not only to disrupt the disruptors, but to meet the rapidly growing expectations of today’s smart, connected customer. Expectations that value immediacy, personalisation and innovation.

In a bid to keep up with – and even lead – that transformation, insurers are making bold moves with the help of technology. In fact, 61% of insurers plan to move away from traditional business models and increase their investment in digital technologies and channels.

So, what can insurers do with technology to better compete on digital experience? We’ve compiled a list in Creating Connected Insurers, our essential guide for general insurance providers looking to transform in the age of the connected customer.

Here are two key steps you should take:


How to become an insurance trailblazer

1. Create stronger broker relationships

General insurers have always relied on brokers, aggregators and other intermediary sales partners. But as consumers shift to online insurers, aggregate sites and comparison portals for guidance, many insurers are looking for new ways to get in front of the right customers and differentiate their offerings.

To do so, insurers must empower brokers and partners with the tools and information they need to collaborate and focus on areas that deliver the most value. It’s this kind of data-driven change that boosts revenue and efficiency through automation, self-service and accurate use of information. 

Lay the foundation for a smarter broker experience, and you can:

  • Unify broker performance data and make it accessible to relationship managers

  • Deliver 24/7 access to product, pricing and partner data through mobile apps

  • Tailor marketing content to a broker’s book of business and personalise sales


2. Drive operational efficiency

Faced with mounting market pressures, insurers must overcome common legacy challenges to make service delivery as intuitive and frictionless as possible for everyone involved. 

Siloed product data, a lack of channel visibility and complex architectures all prevent insurers from adapting to shifting consumer habits and demands. The result is a slow, costly and inefficient approach to customer service that hinders growth and innovation.

To deliver the kind of service experiences your customers expect while managing costs, insurers must modernise and transform internal operations, and help the business:

  • Connect processes to make data accessible when and where it’s needed most 

  • Automate routine case processes so agents can focus on higher value tasks 

  • Empower customers with faster, more accurate information and support


The tools to make it happen

At Salesforce, we’ve created a tool to help insurers make customer satisfaction the focus of every interaction. This way, you can empower your insurance reps and agents to collaborate seamlessly anytime, anywhere – all around a single, 360-degree view of the customer. 

Prioritise inquiries based on urgency, redirect cases to the most qualified agents, and personalise every engagement to ensure that your customers get the best service possible. Every time. 

What’s more, thanks to AI-assisted data analytics performed by Salesforce Einstein, your people will always be best-positioned to make smart, context-driven decisions that help drive operational efficiency.

When coupled with Community Cloud, you can empower your partners to collaborate seamlessly with resellers, distributors and brokers. From here, you can even accelerate sales by empowering everyone to register new leads, update records, manage funds and more on a single, mobile-friendly platform.


Take the next step

With support from Salesforce, you’ll join the many global insurers who have embraced digital transformation and stepped boldly into a new era of connected customer success. 

And by deploying Financial Services Cloud, you can enhance your existing legacy systems with agile and secure cloud capabilities – all without disrupting your critical business processes. This way, customer service reps and agents get the insight and tools they need to better collaborate and engage with customers when and where it matters most.

In fact, financial services organisations already using the Salesforce platform report:

  • +38% improved productivity

  • +46% faster collaboration

  • +41% faster decision-making

  • +147% return on investment


Get your copy of Creating Connected Insurers: How General Insurance Providers Can Create Effortless Digital Experiences for All and kickstart your journey towards a more agile and collaborative future.