This year's events have accelerated ten years of digital transformation into three months, but what are the challenges going forward?

  • How will you connect with consumers or business owners on a personal level, providing an experience that is remarkable, in a world with digital overload and increasing levels of noise?
  • How will you maintain rapid speed of decisioning, onboarding and transaction times in a world where your product offerings, lending standards and regulation is evolving at an increasing pace?
  • How will you generate unique value from your data - and explore new business models and partnerships with third parties to provide your customers more choice, and help them make better decisions?

In the past year, the number of active customers using the services of UK neobanks has tripled, from just under eight million to nearly 20 million customers. This is a clear indication that the shift from traditional players to FinTech services is accelerating. In addition, over one million consumers have signed up for Open Banking and over 200 companies have been approved to share data and deliver more transparency to customers.

The current climate offers huge opportunities for growth and revenue, but how do you provide an outstanding level of customer service and compliance while responding quickly to the need for innovation, seamless onboarding and effortless transactions?

In our FinTech Foundation series of webinars we cover five topics: service, data, marketing, sales and open banking.



Our first webinar, Traits of World Class Service, we look at how Salesforce software makes it easy for customers to interact with your brand through any channel, any device at any time to receive a highly-targeted personalised service. It features insights from Dave Thomson (Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce) and guest speakers Max Rae, Head of Product at Nutmeg, and Laura Kingman, Head of Customer Support at Nutmeg.

Dave Thomson describes what makes an organization stand out from the competition with his analysis of Twenty Traits of World Class Service, based on more than 500 visits of service centres, and looks at how to do the basics well, keep your employees motivated and accelerate growth.



How can you exploit the data in your organization, create premium revenue and win more customers? In this webinar, Turning data into dollars, with Tableau, we look at how to unlock the power of data in your company and what makes a customer “sticky”. Tableau helps people see and understand their data, meaning all employees can understand data because it is represented in a visual way that everyone can understand. This enables real-time decision-making and improved communication and collaboration across teams.

Organisations are generating and collecting huge amounts of data, and yet they are not really using it in an effective way. You will learn how to create a competitive advantage using your existing data, how to differentiate your company and product and how to monetise the data you collect. Marius Kaiser (Financial Services Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau) and Dan Raine (DataIQ’s top 100 most influential people, 2020 and Founder at Unlocked Data) explore how to generate new revenue sources for your organization using data and unlock the potential within your organization.



Keeping customers engaged in a way that they find convenient and helpful is an important ingredient when nurturing a new customer relationship or supporting an existing one.

Salesforce makes it simple for marketeers to build audiences, track interactions and execute personalised journeys at-scale. This webinar, customer acquisition through hyper-personalisation at scale, examines how the Salesforce software can provide a highly personalized onboarding process, re-energise interrupted applications, give nudges where appropriate and help customers engage with their finances in a way that they like and appreciate. What’s more, all this can be done at scale, meaning that growth does not mean you have to compromise on customer experience.

In this webinar Stef Geyer (Head of Digital Communication, NewDay) and Emer Merriman (Digital Marketing Specialist, Salesforce) explore better ways to engage with your customers in order to measure your return on investment and ensure a seamless customer journey.



The Salesforce technology enables your sales team to interact quickly and easily with customers, leads and enquiries, meaning that they can answer queries, set up meetings and analyse success using their mobile phone or desktop. In our fourth FinTech Foundation Series webinar, we explore the opportunities around Supercharging your sales team, enable smart selling

You can connect with customers and deliver a seamless and efficient experience along every step of the sales process, from lead nurturing campaigns to intuitive deal tracking and analytics. Salesforce has just created a new UK FinTech team and Adam Fallon (FinTech Account Executive Salesforce) and Craig Jamieson (Solution Engineer, Salesforce) will discuss the sales demands of this fast-growing sector.

This webinar looks at the Salesforce suite of sales productivity tools for faster conversion, insight-led selling using AI-driven sales intelligence and how to accelerate growth without compromising on the customer experience.


Open Banking 

Today most successful FinTechs recognise that their speed to scale will determine their success or failure. APIs are enabling FinTechs to offer market leading customer experiences at scale as they build digital ecosystems. Our fifth webinar, Accelerating growth in FinTech with APIs, finding opportunities in Open Finance, features Neeta Mundra, Financial Services Evangelist, who explores how Salesforce and MuleSoft can help you achieve speed-to-scale and speed-to-market without compromising security or quality.

The webinar explores where new opportunities in Open Banking might come, and highlight customer success stories including TicToc Loans and HSBC's Bank of the Future. Forrester found MuleSoft customers realise an ROI of 445% within just three years and were able to free up 90% developer time from maintaining APIs and integrations. 

Together, these five webinars will bring fresh insights and new perspectives, and reveal ways in which you can lead your FinTech business through change and growth.