Maybe you’ve been balancing work-from-home with home-schooling your children. Maybe you’ve been adjusting to life far from your normal support network of colleagues and peers. Maybe you’ve been contorting yourself into awkward, quiet places to take calls, or convincing the cat to stay off-screen during video meetings.

Maybe you’ve been doing all of these things. And then some.  

Like millions of people in thousands of businesses around the world, we’ve all been learning some deep and personal lessons in resilience through these last few months. So in our first ever pan-EMEA Salesforce Live virtual event (now available to watch on-demand!), we brought together leaders from businesses that have demonstrated precisely that.

With 1 keynote, 30 sessions, and 26 customer speakers, you’ll see how companies across EMEA have navigated through this crisis to come out stronger. 

In the opening keynote session, Gavin Patterson, President & CEO Salesforce International and Bret Taylor, President & COO Salesforce introduced  two organisations that exemplify what resilience looks like. From them, you’ll learn about how they coped with three stages of the pandemic:

1. Stabilise: Mitigate short-term risk to stabilise operations

2. Reopen: Plan and orchestrate a safe return to the workplace

3. Grow: Accelerate change to grow in the next normal


You can watch the session on-demand – or read on for a taster of what’s in store. 


1. How to stabilise a business – and respond to unprecedented challenges

Tracy Garrad, CEO of AXA PPP healthcare, joined us on the (virtual) stage to highlight how her team continued to protect staff and deliver value to customers.

Garrad zeroed in on two imperatives to make sure everyone made fast decisions in the right direction:

  • Keep employees safe, and enable, engage and empower them as remote workers
  • Continue to deliver critical services for members and customers

To put the challenge in perspective, in February, 21% of the workforce could work from home. Within three weeks, that had rocketed to over 90%. “It’s a phenomenal achievement, and a real confidence boost for the whole organisation, about our ability to move at pace,” Garrad said.



In the first few weeks of lockdown, Garrad concentrated on operational resilience. But an even bigger challenge arose. When the NHS and the UK government procured services from all private hospitals, Garrad knew customers would question value if they couldn’t access the core elements of private hospital availability.

Watch the keynote to learn how Garrad continued to provide value for customers, despite COVID-19 threatening key propositions as well as how she’s laid the groundwork for permanent changes to its operating model.


2. How to reopen – putting safety first

The office we’re going back to isn’t the office that we left. So to move into stage two, and reopen our companies and communities, we need new tools and data that put the health and safety of our employees and customers first.

Which is why we created

It lets you:

  • Complete wellness checks on your mobile device, completely customizable to adhere to any countries rules and regulations 
  • Identify shifts to come into the office and book arrival times (complete with your own boarding pass – sadly, not the type you had hoped to use this summer)
  • Manage and coordinate shifts to prioritise critical coverage, roles and functions
  • Make decisions based on employee data, as well as trusted local and national COVID-19 data 

Tune into the keynote to watch a demo with Senior Director, Messaging and Engagement, Nalina Athyantha. Or, find out more information at


3. How to transform tomorrow’s business models with today’s digital experiences

As we move into stage three – Grow – things start to get really exciting. We’ve got big questions to ask, like what will remain from today’s digital experiences? What does the next normal look like? And how will our customers be permanently transformed?

Well, leading pushchair brand, Bugaboo, has some of the answers. Thomas Stegelmann, Director of Global eCommerce and Integrations at Bugaboo, joined us to shed light on how it replaced its entire retail wholesale operations with eCommerce

In store, a knowledgeable sales assistant can help expectant parents find their dream pushchair, so Bugaboo needed to double down on a more personalised, helpful, and relevant online experiences. 



Next, it plans to use Page Designer and Einstein AI to bring its in-store magic onto the screen. 

In the keynote, you’ll find out how to personalise your web pages in a single click. Which means you can give one customer – who bases purchases on reviews – a product page that leads with testimonials, while for another – who loves design and style – you can prioritise colour customisations.

This will be an essential capability for Bugaboo and many other retailers so if you’re making a similar transformation, you won’t want to miss this one. 


Get inspired – then put a plan into action

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Salesforce Trailblazers as they forge a new path through the pandemic – showing where resilience turns into permanent change. 

We had a packed schedule of talks at Salesforce Live: EMEA. So in the on-demand recordings, you’ll hear some inspirational stories and see the results of big thinking. But you’ll also get the low-down on the practical steps these companies took to get there.

The event’s six themes cover:

  1. Return to work
  2. Commerce
  3. Scaling service operations
  4. Marketing effectively
  5. Emergency response management
  6. Integration and insight


You can watch all the sessions on-demand at Salesforce Live: EMEA.