COVID-19 is affecting people around the globe not only physically, but also mentally as we all cope with the stress and anxiety of the current situation. So, when Customer Success Director, Jonathan Sol, received an urgent call from John Slator, the Head of IT at the Mental Health Concern (MHC), he jumped into action. 

“It’s a chaotic time,” Jonathan said. “And, it’s been weighing very heavily on John and his team at MHC.” 


MHC, a United Kingdom based group focusing on a wide range of specialist mental health services, has been a Salesforce customer for eight years, and Jonathan's customer for the last two. He understands what they stand for and how important their services are — now more than ever. Due to a rapid uptick in mental health issues, John needed a way to share mental health referral trends with the NHS as soon as possible.

Jonathan got the ask on a Tuesday evening with a Friday deadline. But, there was a problem.

“The data is in all of these different areas,” John said. “But I know Einstein Analytics (Actionable Analytics for CRM) can help.” 


MHC had previous exposure to Einstein and could see its power and ease of use. Einstein could seamlessly fit into MHC’s existing Salesforce product set without spending weeks preparing data before getting any results. Jonathan immediately contacted Salesforce Senior Solution Architect, Rikke Hovgaard, who he’d met at an Einstein Analytics Academy training. 

“Tuesday night, Jonathan reached out to me,” Rikke said. “We had the requirements meeting Wednesday. As soon as it was provisioned, I started working on it.” 


That left 48 hours to complete the project. But there was a challenge at the beginning: for some reason, the connector didn’t appear.

Rikke continued, “I had a call with Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics, product and engineering experts to investigate further. With great teamwork across the product experts, I had the analytics dashboard built Thursday. By Friday morning, we were done.”

Jonathan remembers: “John and MHC were completely over the moon! What we created completely exceeded his expectations. He couldn't believe how quickly we turned everything around.”

“I can’t thank you enough,” John told us after receiving the dashboard. “It’s excellent. It’s making such a difference, having this.” And the team at the NHS is equally thrilled, having a new way to understand mental health data during this critical time, is crucial.


The collaboration continues as COVID-19 progresses and more requirements emerge, the team is also trying to use AI to develop predictions on time to close across the different locations and diagnosis.

“In this situation we’re in, it's nice to have some good news once in a while,” Rikke said. “It shows from our side how we can use our product for good.“


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