We sat down with Italy’s biggest cosmetics brand KIKO MILANO’s Global Customer Engagement Director, Michele Ross, to discuss perfecting customer journeys and the current state of marketing. The beauty powerhouse was founded in the late 1990s offering high-quality makeup, body and face treatments across the Europe, the US, Asia and Hong Kong. 

In our latest webinar, Ross explains how KIKO MILANO is operating in the new commercial landscape. She reveals how marketers can successfully navigate the challenges of the ‘New Normal’ and emerge stronger than ever. You can watch the full conversation here


Some key takeaways from our discussion with KIKO included:


  • For great marketing there must be genuine engagement and alignment: For KIKO MILANO, engaging meaningfully with customers and nurturing these relationships is paramount.
  • Leveraging first-party data can help businesses create outstanding customer journeys: KIKO is in the early stages of leveraging first party data but have discovered that transactional data can provide rich insights into the behaviour of distinct customer clusters.
  • Customer-centricity should be a statement of purpose: Consumers are at the heart of everything a company does and great brands will keep this in mind at every step of the journey. 
  • Keeping an eye on the end goal is crucial when it comes to measuring success: Engaging the customer is important but nurturing and maintaining that relationship for the long-term is a true indicator of success.


Discover more insights about how KIKO MILANO is winning over customers and how marketers can thrive in the emerging landscape in the full webinar with Global Customer Engagement Director Michele Ross and the Salesforce's EMEA Product Marketing team Marina Zennaro, Micol Martoro and George Alecou Valerkou. 

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