Where should you start searching for your opportunity, your next great hire? Despite all the opportunity and big numbers like 4.2M new jobs by 2024 in the Salesforce Economy, it's sometimes really difficult to know where to turn to for work and to match talent. Here are five steps I hope will help you.


Step 1:

Get learning and build your profile on Trailhead; schedule time to learn from experts on Trailhead Live; and consider immersive guided learning with Trailhead Academy and Partners. If you're recruiting, research talent on TrailheadIDs by looking at skills and credentials summaries.


Step 2:

Look at Salesforce Approved Workforce Development programmes. These amazing programmes (from Salesforce teams and partners) are focused on getting people to work, and through that work helping organisations realise the potential of digitisation. Some of my favourites are:

  • ISDI CRM is a partnership between ISDI and Salesforce to create a world-class learning experience for professionals and individuals from the Salesforce ecosystem, offering official training that will boost your technical and business skills to improve your employability and competitiveness.

  • K2 University and Partner Solutions is a global talent development and placement organisation, empowering customers and partners to build their Salesforce workforce to meet their Salesforce technology demands.

  • QA Ltd partners with Salesforce as a Training provider, on a Developer Bootcamp programme, and on apprenticeship programmes aimed at boosting digital skills.

  • Pathfinder. A workforce development programme designed to train individuals from diverse backgrounds with the skills needed to earn certification as a Salesforce administrator or Salesforce developer. 

  • Revolent. A two-year programme where they take ambitious and experienced professionals from other technologies and cross-train them in Salesforce before placing them onto client sites.

  • Salesforce Military offers free, online, self-paced Salesforce training classes and certification exams at no cost for active-duty military, veterans, and military spouses.


Step 3:

Get into job boards and research opportunities. Here are some good ones to start with:

  • Job sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed and Salesforce Republic are advertising for thousands of Salesforce-skilled roles around the world.

  • The Salesforce Appexchange has a job board where you can look into opportunities by department and industry.

  • The Trailblazer Community is a diverse and powerful community of millions of Salesforce professionals. There are specific groups with jobs to leverage. Get engaged with communities in roles and industries you’re passionate about, from close to home or across the world.


Step 4:

Investigate some targeted connections. Who are some of the trailblazing customers and partners that have wonderful Salesforce teams and are driving incredible digital transformations?

  • Leverage Trailblazer Connect, a set of resources on Trailhead where you can find events, mentorship and career resources.

  • Target Talent Alliance Members. This programme connects organisations to Salesforce candidates and helps bring new talent into the ecosystem, emphasizing building a diverse workforce that reflects society around the globe. 

  • Find companies speaking up on Leading Through Change; Case Studies from organisations transforming their businesses


Step 5:

Try looking into Work Marketplaces where you can build a portfolio of experience. The marketplaces that target the “jobs to be done”, provide great flexible opportunities to work from anywhere at a schedule you manage. Here are some great examples:

  • Catalant a marketplace where employers are looking for expertise, on demand.

  • Upwork where employers are looking to hire proven pros with confidence using the world’s largest, remote talent platform.

  • Topcoder who are on a mission to revolutionise how businesses access and execute with top digital talent.

  • Croud Network is a global digital marketing agency, powered by the best talent, custom-built tech and the world's first crowd-sourced network of digital experts.

  • K2 konnect provides on-demand talent for agile enterprise-building in their incredible community, as well as Salesforce talent development programmes with K2 University.

  • Andela builds remote engineering teams that work for customers around the world. They’ve helped hundreds of companies build and manage high-performing teams.



Good luck with your search! Do let us know how you get on. My Salesforce Ecosystem roles have been amazing, #dreamjobs so far. I wish the same for you and look forward to hearing your Trailblazer story develop. 

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