The pandemic has shone a light on both the challenge of finding decent work and on the criticality of digital skills. This is not a new insight but rapid acceleration of digital transformation over the last 12 months has forced companies to adapt and in that adaptation is opportunity. In our recent blog series on the Potential of Digitisation we brought to life this opportunity. We discussed how the technologies available to us all are amazing and the power of digitisation can be truly transformative – but only if the people who implement and run the platform have the skills and experience to make the most of it. 

As businesses embrace a future of mobile, big data, IoT and AI, Salesforce skills are becoming some of the hottest skills to have on a resume – and that demand is only growing. Salesforce and our partners know that in order to realise the true power of digitisation, our customers need to have access to enough diverse, skilled and experienced people to deliver an exceptional transformation. These roles span multiple functional areas, including sales, IT, marketing, business management and operations. Whether you click or code there’s a path for you - from Marketing, Sales, and Consultant roles to Salesforce Architect, Developer and Administrator roles (

To make your path as accessible as possible Salesforce provides free access to Trailhead, our gamified digital learning environment, and supports lots of development programs. We know its not always easy to know where to start and so we’re  really excited that three programs are kicking off and hope you consider them:


Six weeks of Salesforce

Salesforce are delighted to partner with Class of 2020 (sign up here) and Make Positive (Platinum Salesforce Consulting Partner) on a new program Six weeks of Salesforce. The team behind Class of 2020 realised that COVID-19 has disrupted the global job market on an unprecedented scale, and university graduates and young people stand to be among the hardest hit. While the 2020 generation has faced an extraordinary set of challenges, you also possess unparalleled strengths: you’re tech-savvy, self-motivated, and endlessly adaptable. Class of 2020 is a *FREE* e-learning community platform connecting students, graduates, school leavers and businesses through all sorts of industry-approved learning programs. The aim is to boost confidence, teach new skills and improve employability. As part of this the new Six weeks of Saleforce program brings you a learning journey; podcasts with people who are flourishing in their Salesforce Ecosystem career; and a webinar with Salesforce executives. Sign up and learn about:


  • Salesforce CRM
  • Marketing with Salesforce
  • Business with Salesforce
  • Trailmixes & Trailhead
  • Developer Skills
  • Career Development
  • Admin with Salesforce
  • Analytics with Salesforce
  • Finance with Salesforce


Salesforce Fundamentals

Looking to go a step further? The next cohorts of the Salesforce Fundamentals program start in April! This is a FREE, 12-week virtual learning journey that teaches you about Salesforce, what exactly the Salesforce ecosystem is, and how to get started on your career path. Sessions are hosted by our community across EMEA+LATAM+AMER! Each week is 2 hours of self-guided learning and 1 hour of live teaching. Weekly sessions are every Thursday at 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm GMT. If these times don't work for you, check out our other sessions hosted by our community in APAC. This learning journey is designed for EVERYONE. We welcome all learners who want to gain Salesforce skills—from students, to new graduates, to career changers. We’ve got a spot just for YOU! Sign up to get started.


  • Weeks 1-3: Introduction to Salesforce
  • Weeks 4-9: Build Your Salesforce Skills
  • Weeks 10-12: Salesforce Careers in the Ecosystem


Trailhead Virtual Bootcamps

Already committed to getting a certification? Skill up anytime, anywhere with Trailhead Academy’s 30-day, expert-led Trailhead Virtual Bootcamps (learn more here) — an accelerated path to earning a globally-recognized Salesforce Certification. 

After working her entire career in the fashion industry, Rina Z. Karon found herself unemployed as a result of mass layoffs from the pandemic. As she looked for new opportunities, she came across Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp for New Administrators and dived in:

“I am so glad I came across Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp and started a whole new chapter of my life. I have met so many wonderful Trailblazers and an awesome instructor who have been so generous with their time. It blows my mind how caring and supportive everyone has been!”

Create your version of Rina’s path and register for Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp or contact your local Trailhead Account Executive for even more opportunities for instructor led programs.


Salesforce iscommitted to making digital skills learning and opportunities accessible for everyone, whatever your background and wherever you live. Are you ready to start your journey? Join our virtual classrooms, learn together, from anywhere.