Salesforce has been named one of the Best Workplaces in the UK by Great Place to Work. This is our seventh year on the list, an impressive testimony to our continuous commitment to creating a great workplace for all.

I joined Salesforce only recently but I’ve already experienced the strong culture of connection that sets Salesforce apart. Looking back at this year full of unforeseen challenges, it becomes clear that no matter what’s in our way, we are guided by our core values: Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, and Equality. With these values as our North Star, we are able to weather any storm, support our employees, customers, and communities and create an even better workplace experience for all. 

Here are some of the steps we’ve taken over the last year to continue to nurture our culture and great workplace experience. 


Putting People First

Employees faced different challenges based on their individual circumstances. Some needed time for their families, some needed additional support. We introduced regular wellbeing surveys to find out how we can best support our people and responded with updated and extended benefits programs to meet those needs. By taking care of our employees first and setting them up for success, we enabled them to also take care of our customers. 


Building a Success From Anywhere Workplace

When Covid-19 developed into a global health crisis, it became clear that we were in for a marathon, not a sprint. The pandemic brought about fundamental change to the way we live and the way we do business. Leaning into one of our core values — trust — we made sure to communicate as transparently and honestly as possible, while our employees transitioned into our new work from anywhere reality.

We also shared our experiences with our customers with programs like Leading Through Change, B-Well Together, and our new Success Anywhere World Tour where we talk about the future of work through inspiring stories. 


Keeping In Touch With Our Communities

Giving back is an essential part of Salesforce. We do this through our 1-1-1 model where we give 1% of our equity, employee time, and product back to the communities we are part of. We also provide all employees with up to 56 hours per year (that’s seven days) of paid time off to volunteer for causes that are close to their hearts.

Seeing the challenges our communities were facing, many employees were keen to keep on volunteering while staying safe and socially distanced — a great opportunity to innovate! We reimagined in-person events as online volunteering opportunities and focussed on pro-bono work and skill-sharing to continue our commitment to our communities. 

I believe there could not have been a more exciting time to join Salesforce and I am looking forward to what the future will bring. 


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