Over 400 Leaders in ecommerce and IT roles were surveyed to understand what they really think of Headless Commerce and give a candid view into their readiness to follow the customer demands.



57% of the surveyed IT and ecommerce leaders told us that their current commerce platform would last no more than 12 months! In this research, we wanted to gain an insight into the understanding, take-up, and perceived issues associated with these technologies:

  • Ecommerce platform architecture has evolved, and why it matters
  • Positive attitudes and internal confidence in understanding new technologies, yet pick up is slow. 4/5 are confident in their abilities to work with these new technologies, with just over 1/5 suggesting they are not yet ready
  • Nearly 2/3 of Heads of IT / CIOs believe their eCommerce platforms need updating within 12 months.

The fact that so much of this reflects the known benefits of Headless Commerce, Composable and other API-based architectures – approaches that create agile, scalable solutions that directly support rapid release cycles, bespoke customisation and multichannel integration – surely leads to the conclusion that organisations outgrowing their current digital landscape must have strategic plans in place to introduce at least some of these technologies and patterns?



75% say moving to Microservices is right for their business in the future, yet 56% feel it’s too risky.

This is why Salesforce is focused on making the transition to these modern architectures easier and faster. We offer composable capabilities that you can pick and choose from based on your current architecture and business goals.

Commerce Cloud has invested in technologies like PWA Kit and Managed Runtime to over a decoupled storefront for headless commerce that helps you get to market fast. The Managed Runtime handles storefront security, scalability and performance. This helps accelerate the path to headless commerce, reduce operational costs and risks of headless and enable the customer to focus on innovation rather than maintenance.

Read the full research for insight into the understanding, take-up, and perceived issues associated with Headless Commerce Technologies.