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Rob Waller

Rob Waller

Principal Solution Engineer, Retail, Salesforce UK

Rob has been at Salesforce for three years, and in that time has worked with many of the UKs top retailers. Before that he spent 8 years at Kronos as a Solution Engineer working again with UK retail customers.

Rob is passionate about helping retailers both in the UK and globally to innovate to capture the hearts and wallets of today’s hyper-connected consumer. From enabling customers like Waitrose and John Lewis create a single view of customer in order to become the UK’s leading omnichannel retailers to helping Burberry attract younger and more global consumers, who communicate, share information and shop in the digital world. 

He is responsible for understanding the challenges of retailers in physical and digital markets and building innovative solutions on the Salesforce platform to create high quality personalised customer experience.

As part of the Solution Engineering team he helps retailers to become connected enterprises through the use of world class technology and innovation to connect employees, customers and partners.

He spends his foundation time presenting technology to parents of newly diagnosed hearing impaired children on behalf of The National Deaf Children’s Society.