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"Be a Trailblazer" - Salesforce World Tour London Main Keynote
Salesforce for IT: Build Smart Experiences People Love
Salesforce for Service : Future of Service from Transactions to Conversations
Salesforce for Marketing: The Smartest CRM for 1-to-1 Customer Journeys
The Role of Business Driving Towards Equality
“The State of Field Service in a Connected World” Interactive Report - see how you compare
“State of Service” Report - insights from a survey of  2,600 customer service professionals worldwide  
“State of IT”  Report - transformative insights and growing trends from over 2,200 global IT Trailblazers
“Customer Trailblazer’s Field Guide to Marketing” - learn how to create 1-to-1 experiences
“100 Sales Tips for 2017”  - experts' insights encompassing the entire sales cycle  
“Small Business Growth Kit” - packed with insightful tips and useful tools from the experts
Centrica energises its Connected Home initiative with an exceptional customer experience.  "Salesforce help us to make the most of the Internet of Things and transform the homes and lives of our customers." — Nina Bhatia, Managing Director, Centrica Connected Home .
Salesforce has helped AWS scale its operations through a decade of rapid growth, from inception to millions of active customers.  “It’s not just a CRM system. It’s a platform that we can use to build all the functionality that we need.” – Ariel Kelman, VP of Worldwide Marketing .
Perkbox has doubled sales and halved churn with lead nurturing, personalised emails and better customer knowledge.  "With Salesforce, we can get to know our customers better. And the more we know our customers, the more we can out-innovate the competition." – Chieu Cao, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Perkbox .
The Challenge brings different people together to develop confidence and the skills in understanding and connecting with others. At World Tour London, the Challenge also highlighted StepForward, their one-year in-work apprenticeship programme for 17-20 year olds in London.  
Gain in-demand Salesforce skills at your own pace by conquering hands-on challenges. Motivate yourself to go further by racking up points and badges. How far will you go?