Get the most value out of Salesforce with new features for Quip, here in the Winter ’19 Release.


Business User

Document Version History

See how a document has evolved over time or revert to an earlier version so you never lose your work. Use Document History in Quip and sort through versions by time or contributor. 

Business User

Lucidchart Diagrams Live App

Help your sales team sync up and close bigger deals faster using Lucidchart diagrams. These charts help sales reps build influence maps to see which individuals they should target. The Lucidchart diagrams live app lets reps pull these visuals into Quip documents alongside other essential information, like Salesforce records and next steps. 

Business User

Gender-Neutral User Profiles

Quip has removed gendered pronouns from the product. Users are no longer asked to select a gender at signup. Notifications and activity log copy have been rewritten to avoid personal pronouns entirely. The result is a more inclusive collaborative experience. 

Business User

Editable Chat Messages

We all make mistakes, and now we can correct them. Users can edit messages they’ve sent anywhere in the product. This means if you make a typo in a one-on-one chat, comment, or chat thread alongside a document, you can edit the message with a single click. The result is better communication, which leads to faster decisions.

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