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Share your work and ideas

"I posted a creative proof before we went to print and learned the customer quote wasn’t approved. Salesforce Chatter saved the day."
Share your work

Get help from unexpected places

"I asked my team for feedback on our newest product. The best suggestions came from someone I’d never met in another department."
Get help from unexpected places

Privately collaborate on sensitive projects

"I'm on our products team and a lot of our discussions are confidential. We use a Salesforce Chatter group to collaborate privately and securely."
Survey your colleagues about marketing tactics

Improve company culture

"We post all of our ideas and propose process improvements to a group we call "Suggestion Box."
Improve company culture

Use Chatter as an employee directory

"I was headed to a customer meeting and had never met the presenter from our marketing team. I looked him up on Salesforce Chatter so I could pick him out of the group."
Use Salesforce Chatter as an employee directory
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