In business today, people frequently form new teams and work together on important projects. Groups help your teams get organized, share information, collaborate on documents, and work more productively to get things done. You can even set up private groups so you can work privately on sensitive projects with specific colleagues. Groups are easy to create and even easier to use.


Add your colleagues to groups


Collaborate with colleagues in real time. Share insights, links, and documents through Chatter groups.

Track group activity in real time

Group feeds

Follow group and member activity using the dedicated group feeds. Promote team collaboration and reduce re-work, redundancy, and heavy email traffic.

Share files in group feeds

Share files

Share important documents and links with your groups. It's the easiest way to share time-sensitive information and to establish business context and authorship for documents.

Manage who sees what


Make a group completely open to all your colleagues, or make it private for select people to collaborate on sensitive information.

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