Company directories with a sea of faceless names are a thing of the past. Get to know your colleagues and share your expertise through business profiles. Find and follow peers and experts to expand your network, discover new and useful information, and increase productivity. Establish yourself as an expert in the areas where you have knowledge to share.


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Status updates

Keep your colleagues up to date on your work. Other people in your company can follow you so you can share your expertise and knowledge across your company.

Share your background

About me

Tell your colleagues about your background and areas of expertise. Add links to other profiles and networks to provide more information.

Track relevant colleagues

Follow others

Stay in the loop by following people and keeping up with their activities, so you can easily collaborate and learn, all in real time.

Monitor your own Chatter activity

Profile feed

Keep track of your status updates, comments and messages from your colleagues, and your posts to Chatter groups in one convenient spot.

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