Getting started now: Sales managers

What if you could spend less time asking for progress reports and tracking down information, and yet still know more about what's happening with your sales teams and the business? Welcome to Salesforce Chatter.

Step 1. Follow top accounts and opportunities

Shorten the sales cycle and diffuse problems early. Lend a hand when needed and get an early warning of potential problems.

  • Click 'Follow' on key records to get important updates immediately, like when the projected close date of a big deal slips to the next quarter or an opportunity amount is cut in half.
  • Always know what's happening with your key customers and deals, without having to constantly ask your reps for updates.
  • Ramp up for important customer meetings by monitoring your team's collaboration around the opportunity, such as the sales presentation they post and comment on before the meeting.
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Step 2. Share your expertise

Establish yourself as a leader. Further your career while helping your team members and your colleagues.

  • Join conversations on Chatter by answering questions and sharing your knowledge and experience.
  • Share information that will help your team close more deals, like the CEO's upcoming visit to a city in your territory ("Any in-progress deals in Memphis that would benefit from a meeting with Bill? He'll be there on the 24th.").
  • Improve the quality of sales materials and presentations by providing ideas and feedback on Chatter so everyone can learn from your suggestions.
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Step 3. Follow reports and dashboards

Keep close tabs on your pipeline and forecast. Stay on top of the metrics that matter, collaborate with your colleagues, and make quick decisions.

  • Click 'Follow' on key reports so you'll get updates right in your feed. It's the quickest way to stay on top of what matters most.
  • Click 'Follow' on your most critical dashboards. Start a dialogue in Chatter with the right people immediately when a red flag is raised, so problems are resolved right away.
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Step 4. Follow key people

Align with top priorities. Keep up to date on what matters most to your organization.

  • Follow the top executives in your department and company. You'll learn a lot from reading what they care about and what questions and comments people post to them.
  • Follow successful execs and pick up tips on effective leadership from those who do it best.
  • Think about who you admire most in your company and follow those people. You'll gather terrific insights from the most respected people in your organization.
Step 5
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Step 5. Create a group for your team

Work more closely together. Make it easy for your team to collaborate and focus on what matters.

  • Frequently post to your team's group: Congratulate reps on new business, encourage the team near the end of the quarter, keep everyone posted on industry and company news, etc.
  • Replace email blasts with posts covering "housekeeping" items like advance notice of upcoming business trips, vacation schedules, team event planning, meeting agendas, and more.
  • Ask the team for input and advice on new initiatives and ideas.
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