Getting started now: Sales reps

How does Salesforce Chatter help sales reps? Here’s the bottom line: Salesforce Chatter helps you stay on top of what matters, spend more time selling, and win more deals. Goodbye headaches, hello, quota!

Step 1. Ask questions, discover the best info, and share your knowledge

Work smarter. Finding prospects and closing deals is easier than ever. There are lots of places in Salesforce Chatter to post questions and comments, so you can get the information and help you need, right when you need it. It all starts with just a little typing in one of these spots:

  • Your profile or home page: Your followers will see your question or comment and can join the conversation.
  • An influencer’s profile: For greater exposure, post on the profile of a colleague with more followers, like your VP of sales.
  • Salesforce records: Ask your question and share information in context by posting to the relevant record (e.g., an account or opportunity)
  • Groups: Get help from people with the right expertise.
Step 1
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Step 2. Follow your accounts

Be more productive. Spend more time on what’s important: taking care of your customers.

  • Click ‘Follow’ on key accounts to get important updates
  • Always know what’s happening with your key customers
Step 2
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Step 3. Collaborate on opportunities

Shorten the sales cycle. With Salesforce Chatter, everyone’s on the same page.

  • When key team members follow your deals, they’ll be updated on important changes, and you’ll get the support you need to get the sale.
  • Share next steps and plans for closing the deal, right in context on the opportunity record. Salesforce Chatter helps you get fast feedback to accelerate the sale.
  • With help from your Salesforce admin, you can determine which fields trigger an update in Salesforce Chatter. We recommend you track the following opportunity fields:
    • Amount
    • Close date
    • Stage
Step 3
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Step 4. Join relevant groups

Win more deals. Tap into hidden sources of valuable information.

  • Join or set up groups to collaborate with your colleagues on certain topics, products, or anything else. For example, joining a group for competitive intelligence could provide you deal-winning ammunition such as swap references.
  • Be selective with your membership to avoid information overload.
Step 4
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Step 5. Follow key people

Align with top priorities. Keep up to date on what matters most to your organization.

  • Follow the top executives in your department and company. You’ll learn a lot from reading what they care about and what questions and comments people post to them.
  • Follow successful reps and learn how to win more deals from the people who do it best.
  • Think about who you admire most in your company and follow those people. You’ll gather terrific insights from the most respected people in your organization.
Step 5
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