Follow the Vibrations — What to Look for in Your Next Career Move

by Valerie Nadi
In May 2018, Salesforce completed its acquisition of MuleSoft, one of the world's leading platforms for building application networks. With MuleSoft, Salesforce can accelerate their customers’ digital transformation efforts, enabling them to unlock data across legacy systems, cloud apps, and devices. In this blog, we feature Senior Business Development Representative (BDR) Kimberly von Tongeren, who moved to the London office from the Netherlands.

It was while studying for a Master’s in international management at CEMS — The Global Alliance in Management Education, that MuleSoft Senior BDR Kimberly von Tongeren first encountered MuleSoft.

“At a recruiting event, I heard my eventual manager's story and why she joined MuleSoft. Even though I wasn't looking for a role in IT or sales, everything fell together. MuleSoft was exactly the sweet spot between a startup and a large company. And, I understood where the tech industry was going and how MuleSoft fit into that.”

When she finished her Master’s, Kimberly started the formal interview process and soon joined MuleSoft on an account development team.

“The interview process was nothing like I had experienced before. It was very focused on me as a person and trying to understand how I work, how I function and what gets me excited at work. They were looking for someone to add to the culture and it was great to see that commitment from leadership.”


What to look for when considering career options

Kimberly’s experience during her interviews and after joining the MuleSoft holds lessons for anyone considering a career in tech.


The Importance of Leadership

Looking back, Kimberly notes that she didn’t recognize the immense importance of leadership in the company one works for.

“After joining MuleSoft and now Salesforce, I realise it’s not just about fast growth, education support, wellness and so forth. It’s very important what team you’ll be a part of and who’s leading that team and who’s leading the company. You want leadership who make you ‘vibrate with enthusiasm’ and who are always looking for ways to coach you to improve.”


Management that Cares

Every company develops its own recruiting process, but Kimberly suggests that a good indicator of a company’s workplace culture is how much time executives and managers spend with applicants and new hires.

“Try to learn how involved managers will be in the recruiting process. When you’re interviewing with them, make sure to ask questions about how they’ll help you be successful. And how they’ll foster a good work environment when the company is growing fast. You want a thoughtful, authentic answer, not just a standard HR response.”


Opportunities to Expand Your Horizons

It’s natural to look for stability and a comfortable status quo after first joining a company. But what about once you’ve established yourself? Of the many things that Kimberly likes about MuleSoft and Salesforce are the opportunities they present for new experiences in new locations.

Kimberly relocated from the Netherlands to London to join MuleSoft and she is excited about the international opportunities Salesforce has to offer.

“For now, I'm very happy in London. But, in the future, I would definitely like to move somewhere within Salesforce, for example, Singapore. Singapore has such an interesting mix of cultures, it is truly a crossroads between the West and East.”


The Chance to Give Back

For Kimberly, the Salesforce emphasis on giving back to the community aligns with her personal values while enriching her work life. For example, she participated in a mentorship program with the Ada National College for Digital Skills sponsored by Salesforce. The college aims to help fill the country’s digital skills gap while helping disadvantaged young women and men.

“You can guide a young woman to uncover what she would like to do and to help her understand that it's cool to work in tech as a woman. And it aligns well with Salesforce’s value of Equality.”

Kimberly also volunteers for the Literacy Pirates, an after-school organization that supports children who need to improve their reading and writing skills.

“We spend one afternoon a month reading together in pairs. And we work with them on projects like books, poetry, and films. It allows you to connect with a lot of young local people, see them grow, and learn what it’s like to live in the UK as a child.”

An easy transition

Kimberly’s excitement about the role she would take on at MuleSoft made the move from the Netherlands to London an easy one. And though she speaks very fluent English,  her team, which focuses on the Benelux market, speaks a lot of Dutch — so, all the better.

If Kimberly’s story has sparked your interest, then let us know you’d like to learn more about careers at Salesforce. Or if you’re already convinced, apply for a role today!

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