1% time. 100% impact.

In 2009, salesforce.com made its first appearance on Fortune’s annual list of the “100 Best Companies to Work for.”

Why? The magazine cited how the employees “rave” about the company’s commitment to philanthropy. The employees are committed, too: 85% of them volunteered in 2008.

One of the Salesforce.com employee benefits is four paid hours a month—or six days off with pay each year—to volunteer in the global community. Employees can volunteer with any nonprofit organization they like. Or, they can join any of the dozens of volunteer opportunities near our offices around the world that the Salesforce.com Foundation organizes and publicizes each month.

How much good could 1% do?

It doesn’t take long for employee volunteer hours to add up to something big. Here are just a few stats from 2008:

  • 57,340 meals served to the homeless and underserved
  • 38,126 employee volunteer hours
  • 178 youths mentored
  • 234 bags of non-native plants and weeds pulled
  • 159 units of blood donated