Ingenio, Inc. Uses Supportforce from to Improve Responsiveness, Forge Stronger Relationships with Customers

Supportforce is easily customized to match workflow requirements so that customer service representatives can quickly handle a higher volume of calls and cases

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — October 11, 2004 — (NYSE: CRM), the technology and market leader in on demand customer relationship management (CRM), today announced that Ingenio, Inc., a leading provider of search and directory monetization services that seamlessly bridge telephony and the Internet, is using to deliver timely, high-quality customer service. Ingenio replaced its incumbent customer service and support software with a customized Supportforce implementation in September 2004.

"Supportforce gives us complete flexibility to customize and integrate our CRM as our business changes," said Nathan Becker, manager of customer services, Ingenio. "It has had a very positive impact on our Customer Support team, and our ability to service our customers."

Ingenio originally implemented customer service and support software in 1999. As the company expanded into multiple divisions and products, its processes and workflow requirements grew beyond the scope of its initial CRM implementation. Searching for customizable CRM to support further business growth, Ingenio evaluated

"Supportforce allowed us to customize our workflow without having to go in and make code changes," said Becker. "Not having to administer software or servers in house freed up valuable resources. We could integrate with our own systems too — it was a breath of fresh air."

After signing with, Ingenio used Professional Services to assist with the functional implementation, configure users and workflow and set administrative processes. Using the sforce Web services API, the implementation team integrated with its in house contact database, housing approximately 11-12 million contacts, so that critical data on priority contacts is pulled into Within hours, a single developer was able to create an internal web page that queried the database and, through the sforce API, imported key new contacts into

Ingenio has also created a Find Ingenio User custom tab to allow its customer service reps to easily look up integrated information on any customer from within, decreasing the time spent searching for information and increasing the number of calls handled by each CSR. For the Web channel, Ingenio has integrated with custom Web forms so that cases are now automatically created and routed according to a set of specific workflow rules, as opposed to being submitted by email as necessitated by its previous CRM implementation. The company estimates that the communication regarding online cases has been reduced by nearly two-thirds, allowing Ingenio to respond to new cases more quickly and deliver better, faster service.

"Supportforce is the one place a CSR can go to access all the info about a customer-not just interactions we have had with them but also info about their account activity and their balance and other relevant data," said Becker. "We can focus more on each customer and each customer issue and spend less time fumbling around with our tools to find their information. Our customers are happier and our CSRs are happier too."

Ingenio recently created a dashboard snapshot on the home tab to show the current status of all web cases-how many are active, the oldest cases, who has the oldest cases. Future plans include enhancing the customer support form to more easily identify customer needs, and continuing analysis to make changes to workflow and the application.

"Previously, it was a 'deploy once and you are done' scenario, due to months of in house consultants," said Becker. "That is not the case with and it is what makes CRM on demand such a success."

Ingenio is one of the 12,000 companies of all sizes that comprised the customer base as of September 30, 2004.

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