Creo Selects For Global Deployment, Integrates with SAP Using Sforce On-Demand Platform

Single customer view now available to and SAP users; improved access to information increases adoption, productivity and responsiveness of global sales organization

SAN FRANCISCO — Mar. 2, 2005 — [NYSE: CRM], the technology and market leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), today announced that Creo Inc. [NASDAQ: CREO], a global company with key strengths in imaging and software technology, has selected to manage and share customer information on-demand in multiple languages across North America, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Creo has integrated and SAP [NYSE: SAP] using's sforce platform, one of the world's most widely used enterprise Web services, allowing the company to provide a single view of the customer across the enterprise systems. The bi-directional integration ensures that key customer information is available in both and SAP, creating a shared view of the data across systems. The automated, real time integration makes both individual tasks and company business processes more efficient, and increases success for Creo users on a global basis.

Creo is one of the 13,900 companies of all sizes that comprised the customer base as of Jan. 31, 2005.

"If you can't get information into your ERP system from your CRM, there is no sense in deploying CRM," said Michael DeSandoli, Director, Shared Customer Services, Creo. " and sforce provide us with state-of-the-art CRM functionality and easy integration with other critical systems. By integrating with SAP, we've achieved our goal of creating a single customer view to ensure consistent and up to date information across business operations."

With more than 3,900 employees worldwide, Creo is a leading provider of printing systems, equipment and services. Like many companies of its size, Creo uses a range of enterprise systems of varying age and architecture to support front- and back-office business processes. In particular, Creo relies heavily on SAP for operational systems.

Looking to extend CRM functionality to its sales teams, Creo completed a thorough market analysis of all mid-market CRM vendors. stood apart in delivering a lower cost and less maintenance, better usability, better support for mobile users, support for 11 languages and rapid integration through sforce.

With Customforce, provides every company the power to be unique. Representing a major breakthrough beyond cookie-cutter vertical solutions, Customforce enables ordinary business users to easily customize their CRM and create new on-demand applications through a simple point-and-click interface. Built into and Supportforce, Customforce enables 13,900 companies to leverage the simplicity, power, and success of on demand to create 13,900 unique CRM editions. Customforce makes the world's most customizable CRM.

" offered the full range of tools we needed for success, from language support to integration," DeSandoli said. "We have the best of both worlds — best of breed CRM that can talk to our ERP system."

In Creo's architecture, customer information is shared between two systems, and SAP. Creo used sforce and Microsoft's BizTalk 2004 server to integrate the two systems to provide a single, unified view of the customer across the systems. And since the sforce Web service API is based on industry standards, no additional software or adaptors were necessary to connect sforce to the BizTalk server, allowing for out-of-the-box connectivity between the systems. BizTalk was then integrated with SAP through a traditional client/server adapter.

"Information in SAP and is now automatically synchronized so that we have the best data possible," said DeSandoli. "We've also been able to eliminate duplicate data entry and promote adoption by making the system easier to use — a big plus in our book."

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